Lazy Quotes – Quotes about Laziness

Lazy Quotes: Feeling lazy today, and looking for a little motivation to kick start your day or looking for laziness quotes to help someone fight laziness.

Laziness can derail you from achieving your real success. But there are those who say laziness is healthy. Laziness can lead to innovation and get things done in an efficient manner.  This is possible if laziness has not completely taken over you.

Find lazy quotes or Quotes on Laziness that you can use to harness the power of laziness in your life.

Lazy Quotes

Hard work has never killed anyone, so why take the chance of working hard.

When I feel the urge to exercise, I lay down until the urge goes away.

You are not lazy, you are tired.

Where you don’t put effort, you get less pay.

Stay away from those who want everything from you and don’t want to give you in return. They are lazy parasites.

Quotes about Laziness

Time to enjoy the time, not waste it!

Inspiration is a guest who doesn’t want to visit when you are feeling lazy.

Laziness can be addictive if you don’t control it, teach yourself to work, even when you don’t feel like it.

A lazy person lives a very miserable life.

Luck never knocks at the door of the lazy.

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Quotes about Laziness

We often miss the opportunity because of working so hard, sometimes you have to be lazy.

With Laziness, you are bound to make big strides in life.

Nothing gets accomplished with laziness.

Laziness sometimes requires discipline; it’s not all about lazing around all the time.

I love working only when I feel lazy.

Don’t be lazy in everything; try to be hard-working in things like loving.

An idle mind breeds laziness.

Laziness prevents more bad things from happening.

Laziness is a recipe for poverty, you need to fight it at all means.

Laziness is the enemy of progress.

Laziness leads to loneliness.

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Quotes on Laziness

Don’t console yourself with laziness, get up and make progress in your life.

There are no successful people, who are lazy, only the hardworking ones.

Laziness comes in many forms and it is normally different from one person to another.

An idle mind attracts the devil’s playthings.

Lazy people sometimes can annoy you to the core of your heart.

Don’t confuse inner peace with laziness. There are times that you need that inner peace to be more productive.

Laziness is part of mankind; all we need is to take control of it to ensure we move a step closer to our dreams.

Competence is often blamed on laziness. You shouldn’t have room for laziness in your life.

Quotes About Lazy People

In organizations, you will always see a couple of lazy workers. They will show their laziness by coming late to work, leaving early, taking more breaks, taking longer to accomplish tasks that are assigned to them, or not completing some tasks that are assigned to them. These lazy quotes will give you an idea of how lazy people are;

Offer the lazy a banana, and they will want you to peel it for them.

A very intelligent man who does not use his brain to think may fall into lazy habits.

Sometimes a lazy person may have headphones at work but not play any music so that they don’t have to interact with any co-workers.

Hard work pays with time, but laziness pays off immediately.

Laziness is a perfect ingredient that leads to failure which the person who is lazy is unaware of.

Lazy people lack the willpower to think harder.

Lazy people tend to keep to themselves and later blame the others who have progressed while they had all the chance at hand.

Work hard and achieve your dreams, be lazy and achieve nothing in life but laziness.

If you continue making excuses and sleeping, don’t expect opportunities to land on your doorstep.

Lazy Day Quotes

Laziness might look attractive, but the real satisfaction is in working.

If laziness is not tamed, it becomes a habit.

Laziness is the art of getting tired without doing anything.

Stay away from lazy people, or you will also become lazy.

Inspiration words do not visit the lazy.

Laziness is all about your fault. Don’t blame others for your laziness.

The human body has been programmed for laziness. Laziness is unavoidable.

Resting will always feel like laziness when you attach your worth to productivity.

My laziness, creativity at its best!

Put an end to laziness.

The human body is generally created to be lazy and self-centered.

There are times in life when you need your sweet time alone, just doing nothing. But to some, you will look to be someone lazy.

You got your time under control, so stop being lazy, get out, and do something meaningful with your life.

Every single day, you need to take a challenge so that you manage your time effectively. If you don’t you are bound to become lazy.

When you nurture the habit of being lazy, your conscience will always haunt you.

Lazy Quotes for Instagram

Progress is not made by those who wake up early. It is made by lazy people who try to find an easier way of doing things.

The lazy you are, the more progress you make in life.

The first step toward getting things done is laziness.

Don’t be afraid of being lazy. It will bring out the best of you.

Turn laziness into productivity.

Lazy people always inspire laziness in other people.

Laziness will not make you progress, it will stop you from advancing in life.

The worst mistake that one can assume is that everyone is lazy.

This is that day you feel like not getting out of your bed. Your whole body feels lazy.

Going to the Gym today seems so unappealing.

Laziness sometimes leads to a clear conscience and happiness.

The lazy man will always be envious of what others are doing.

The lazy man always begs when others have harvested for he has nothing to show.

Work is the modern norm which has no place for the lazy people.

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