Letter to Ex-boyfriend for Closure

Letter to Ex-boyfriend for Closure: To some people, the idea of writing a letter to an ex-boyfriend may never cross their mind; on the other hand there is a group of people who prefer writing that closure letter to clear their mind. Arguably, the benefits of a closure letter cannot be overlooked. It helps someone to have a less emotionally draining transition after a breakup.

Different people respond differently to breakups. To those who can resolve their differences peacefully and remain, friends, thumbs up. But if breakups don’t end well with you that does not mean you cannot find your peace afterward.  You can find many ways to deal with your emotion and one way is writing a closure letter to your ex.

Today we have looked at How to Write a Closure Letter to Your Ex and a Sample of a Letter to an Ex-boyfriend

How to Write a Closure Letter to Your Ex?

Mind the Tone of the Letter

Irrespective of the reason you broke up, ensure you remain calm. You don’t want to write a letter while you are still hurting. It is vital to ensure you are respectful and you have no intention of causing more emotional pain.

Write a Letter Expecting no Reply

Since you have broken up, write a letter without demanding or expecting a reply. This will lower the chances of developing any resentment even you don’t get a reply. Remember this letter is to help you express what you feel.

Send it or not to send it

Depending on the relationship you had with your ex-boyfriend you can decide to just write it but keep it before sending it. Writing will give you a chance to unburden your heart. Chances are that after several weeks or months you could read the letter again and have no pain in your heart.

Do not Write the Letter to Beg Him Back into Your Life

If it is totally clear that things have ended between the two of you, do not make things more complicated by trying to ask him to love you again. Although you could be feeling so low or somehow desperate let him not feel sorry for you.

Talk to someone before writing the letter

At first, you may have the urge to write a closure letter but once you express your feelings to someone else, the need to write a letter may go away

Stay positive

Have a positive mindset; ensure you write a letter that does not blame either of you. Try to see the good things you had with your ex and on the other hand be ready to have a good perspective on the things you should have done better.

A Sample of a Letter to Ex-boyfriend for Closure

Dear Nadab,

I am writing this letter because the time shared was important to me. Things worked differently than we first thought. But in every failure, there is something we learn. Looking at what we have gone through, I have learned a lesson that will impact my life positively. There are mistakes we both made that led to this breakup, and I know if we focus on the positive things we will both build strong relationships in the future.

Nadab, no one knows what tomorrow holds but since it is clear our relationship never worked out that does not mean we close the door to love. I know there are joyous moments that we shared, let us allow those memories to be an indication of what love can do and how it can impact our lives.

I cannot lie, it is hard for me but I know I will come out of this stronger. At least I have dealt with my emotions and I no longer feel anger every time I think of what happened between us. Soon love will knock at our doors, if this happens I will love with a better mindset. Knowing the pain of losing someone I loved will give me the drive to be a better girlfriend, but more importantly, I will be emotionally mature to know how to handle my love life. This change would not have come if I had not met you.

Finally, I do not know what is in your heart. If you feel some anger towards me please forgive me and don’t let that anger take away your joy.  I pray perfect love will come your way and I wish you all the best.

Yours faithfully



How to Let Go of Your Ex

Ending a relationship with someone you still love can be difficult. However, time heals the pain and as days go by you will be able to move on with your life.

Once you have gone through a break-up, the first thing you will need to do is accept that it is over. Dwelling on the past hoping that things will change is not good at all. It leads you to an obsession that will make things difficult.

Even though you still love him, don’t do anything stupid to try and get him back. This will only cause more contempt from him.

11 Tips on How to Let Go of Your Ex

  • Do away with things that constantly remind you of him, even if it is a cherished gift
  • Delete all the love letters, emails, or messages that you ever shared.
  • Engage yourself in beneficial activities; you could venture more into your hobbies, academics, community work, etc.
  • Do not isolate yourself from others who love you. Do not hurt those who truly love you just because you lost a love that never meant to be
  • Talk to a friend or to a relative whom you admire. It is often said a problem shared is a problem that is half solved. People have a different experience and when you hear them out, you learn better from their advice
  • Do not try to hide your heartache.  If you are still hurting don’t be afraid to shed some tears.
  • Avoid rebound love; this kind of love will only cause you more heartache. In other words, don’t try to replace the void inside by getting another boyfriend. Try to heal first.
  • Always remember that your happiness is your responsibility and nobody will make you happy unless you do so. Your ex could have left, but your happiness is not dependent on him. If you choose to be sad, no one will change that unless you make a choice.
  • Avoid hanging out in places you used to visit together often.
  • If he has left, don’t try to look for him. Even though you could be seeking an answer from him. You don’t want to go to his house only to find another girl.
  • Have a journal and write down what you feel in your heart. This will help you heal your emotions.

Quotes on Relationships Breakups

If someone leaves your life they were never meant to be there in the first place

It is better to be alone than being next to someone who only tolerates you

True love is loving someone even when they show you their weaknesses

Love is a half-half deal; if you give out more that you get soon bitterness will find its way in your heart and break up will follow soon

If you find it difficult to love yourself, no amount of love will make you better

True Happiness comes from inside, it is your responsibility to find your own happiness.

To love the right person sometimes requires us to understood what it means to have loved the wrong person correctly

If you have a bird set it free, if it comes back to you then it was meant for you. If it does not be happy because it has found the rightful owner

Sometimes a heartache teaches us how to take care of the heart of the one who will truly love us

Every experience in life is meant to leave us stronger, but we have to choose strength or weakness

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