Love Calculator – How to Know if Someone Truly Loves You

Love Calculator Or How to know if someone truly loves you: In a relationship, there is a time when you doubt if someone is truly in love with you.

Sometimes you would also like to know if a relationship with someone could work out. This is the time when you turn to the Love Calculator. What the love calculator does is calculate the probability of a successful relationship between two people.

There are many love calculators for checking the compatibility of lovers. The question arises, do they give correct answers?

There is no guaranteed way to check if a person truly loves you, however, there are a few signs that one can read to know if they are loved or the other person loves them.

But first Calculate your love score. Calculate the love you have for each other. You can also check on beautiful love messages

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In this article, we are going to look at how to check compatibility without compromising the actual answers.

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Love Calculator – How to Know if Someone Truly Loves You

1. Sacrifice:

If you find the right person, one who is truly in love with you, they will sacrifice for you. They will make sure every single minute they have they will spend it with you. It’s not about how much they sacrifice, rather than making you happy.
The more a person loves you, the more they will be willing to make sacrifices for you.

2. Time

When a person loves you, they will want to spend more and more time with you. If someone seems too busy, or always not available to spend time with you, they are simply not in love with you. You should weigh the relationship again.

3. Understanding

Does your lover understand you? Understanding each other is not only used for compatibility, it’s also a foundation of any relationship. If the two parties do not understand each other, the relationship might tend to fall.

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4. How the Person Acts

See how the other person acts around you. Do they act naturally? Being in love means both of you are completely open to each other.

5. Happy

See if the other person is usually happy when they are around you. Every time they see you they should be happy even when they were in a bad mood.

6. Future

Look and see if the other person speaks about your future together, do they put you into their plans. If they don’t, then they do not love you.

7. Open

Look if the other person is open to you. Are they willing to open up to you?   If in love, they will open up to you and tell you what they are feeling, thinking, fearing, and longing for. When they open up about their childhood, most painful moments, greatest regrets, or romantic dreams for the future with you, then they are comfortable and in love with you.

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8. Miss

When apart and if your loved one keeps texting you, calling, or emailing to let you know how much they miss you, it means they love you. They cannot imagine life without you.

9. Opinion

Check if the other person values your opinion. When a person loves you, they will value your opinion, about what you think.


I hope you have found the right love percentage. Do you know of any love calculators? Which love calculator do you use to know if a person truly loves you? Drop us an email.

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