Love Me Like You Do Quotes, Messages & Poems

Love Me Like You Do: When you look into his or her eyes, what do you see? When they touch you how do you feel? You know how much you love her or him. That’s why you need to open up and let them know how they make you feel when they love you.

Find Love Me Like You Do Quotes, Messages and Poems. This is the perfect time to send Him or Her.

Love Me Like You Do Quotes

There is one this about you that I am attracted to, my heart yearns for your love because it’s pure. My love, love me like you do.

When I look into your beautiful eyes, I know my heart belongs to you my love. Love me like you do forever.

I never imagine I would find someone who would love me the way you do, love me like you do sweetheart. I love you.

You are my comfort, my joy and hope. I find happiness whenever I am with you. Love me like you do sweetheart.

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When you touch me, when you look at me, you make me feel like I own the world. Love me like you do my dear.

When I look back all I can see are beautiful memories of us together. Darling, never stop loving me like you do.

You have taught me how beautiful life is with love, so fun and enjoyable. I adore you so much. Love me like you do.

You have brought light into my life, which was full of darkness. I feel alive with you. Never stop loving me like you do.

Come closer my love, I want you near me, close to my heart. Love me like you do sweetheart.

You are my oxygen, my life, my dreams, my one and only love. Love me like never before.

Love Me Like You Do Poem

My love, Love me like you do
Love me like
I’m the one you always dreamed of
Love me like you have never before

You are the light of my world
You are the only person I want
You mean so much to me
Love me like you do

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You’re the cure of my heart
The one who takes my pain away
Only you can set my heart on fire
So love me like you do

Touch me like you do
Make me feel the way you do
Kiss me the way you do
Hold me tight in your arms.

Love Me Harder Poem

Love me harder my love
Tell me something sweet
Make my heart long for you
Make me love you more

Take my breath away my love
I give you permission to enter my heart
Shower me with love
Show me what it means to love

Love me harder
Give me a reason to be yours
Give me a reason to open my heart to you
Give me a reason to be there for you

Love me harder
Make me to be yours for ever
Take me places I have never been
Climb mountains for me my love

Oh dear, Love me harder,
Love me harder

Love Me Now

My darling, love me now
Pull me closer, than I have never been before
Show me the way
Take me to the land of sweetness

Oh, my darling
You are the one my heart loves
Never felt like this,
It’s like I am in my own world
Love me now

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Love me now
When we still have time
When the love is still in the air
Love me like it’s all you have

Tonight is our night
Let’s make the most of every moment
Hold me tight; Let me feel your love
I want you to love me now

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