Love Quotes for Your Crush

Looking for some Love Quotes for Your Crush? Want to express your love? Find some love quotes for your crush. Spice up your love with these Crush Love Quotes.

1. When I look deep into your eyes, I can see our future together. My dreams are to be and grow as one.

2. When I see you, my heart beats very fast, not coz of fear but for the love I have for you

3. Save me from drowning, I am falling deep into an ocean of love; I am madly in love with you.

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4. They say love is blind, you have already blinded me. Can I be yours?

5. Do get tired of running around my sweet dreams? I can’t stop dreaming about you.

6. if I was to count how many times I have thought about you, It could be more than a million times, I think about you every second, every day.

7. I never had this feeling before; when you are in the room I cannot control my feelings. When I am with you I feel happy

8. When you are around, my heart skips. I ask myself what goes on, why can’t I hear my heart beat. It’s all because I met you.

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9. I think of you all the times, everywhere I go, I almost see you.

10. You took me into captive; you captured my heart and made me yours

11. Since I saw you, I find myself always day dreaming and smiling a lot. This is because I am filled with your thoughts

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