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Missing you Poems for Him or Her: Looking for short missing you poems for her or him? It is normal to miss someone you love. sometimes it can be difficult to express your emotions through words. These poems about missing someone will enable you to express yourself.

Send him or her that beautiful missing you love poem. Make your relationship stronger and stronger each passing day with these I miss you poems.

Let your loved ones know how much you miss them for missing you poems.

Missing You Poem

I am missing you every second
All I can do is think about you
The moments we have shared
I can’t wait to meet you.

I can’t stand another night
A night without you

My life has changed
My heart is longing for you
I miss you

I’m missing you
My love, I need you
If loving you is wrong
Let me be wrong
I miss your kisses

You are the one I want
To share the memories with
To be next to you always
I am missing you

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Missing You Gives Me Fever Poem

Missing you gives me a fever
When I go to sleep I think of you
When I wake up I think of you
I cannot do anything without thinking of you

The memories give me joy
Your kisses make me weak.
The thought of you being mine makes me breathless.

I can’t be comfortable
Missing you gives me a fever.

Come stay with me
Without you, I feel like dying

The temperature rising
You are the remedy
Missing you gives me a fever.

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Missing You Hurts Poem

Missing you hurts
I wish you could see my heart
How it feels
When you are gone

It hurts to be far apart
Thinking of everything we have shared
I long to be in your arms
My love, I miss you so much

What happened to the dreams we shared
The sweet words you told me
Why have you changed?
Missing you hurts

Sometimes I can’t sleep
All I do is think about you
I can feel your touch
See your smile
But it hurts missing you

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Miss You to the Moon and Back Poem

My love, I miss you to the moon and back
I have never felt like this before
My heart melts when I see you
Your smile tells it all

I long for your touch
I long for you to hold me in your arms
I love you so much
From here to the moon and back I miss you

This love we share is so strong
I can feel it inside me
The fire that we share
comes from deep within

The love is so great
It guides us through this journey we share
I’m yours forever
I Miss you to the moon and back.

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How Much I Miss You Poem

You know how much I miss you.
One cannot tell how much I miss you
Without you, the sun forgets to shine.
I miss you as much as I breathe.

I miss you as the sun sets and as the sun rises.
If you want to know how much I miss you,

Try to catch raindrops,
The ones you miss are how much I miss you

How much I miss you
Within you, I lose myself
Without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.

Poem about Missing Someone

I have been having dreams about us,
Us alone on an island beach,
Walking side by side,
Over the endless sandy beach.

The moon and the stars were so bright,
Your words to my ears were so lovely,
Your word very romantic,
Your eyes so bright with passion.

We lay down on the sandy beach,
Close to each other,
Gazing at the stars,
You whispered sweet words to me.

The night was so lovely,
I had never had such a romantic evening,
Every moment was so sweet,
It’s like I was in paradise.

When it was time to retire for the night,
You disappeared into thin air,
I tried searching for you,
You were no were to be seen.

Come back my love,
I am still on the island beach,
Waiting for you,
I am missing you, my love.

I Miss You Poem for Her

I think I am going crazy,
I can’t stop thinking about you,
My heart yearns for your love
I am missing you.

Every second I think of you
The places we visited
The special moments we had together.
I miss you, my love.

A second looks like an hour
An hour looks like a day
Time is moving at a snail’s pace
Just because you are far away.

I want you close to me
I want to be where you are
Never leave you
For I deeply miss you.

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