Monday Morning Prayer Quotes

Monday Morning Prayer Quotes: As always Monday prayer quotes can be a real motivation. Many people struggle to wake up every Monday morning. After relaxing on the weekends our body tends to carry the same mood on the first day of the week.

Monday morning prayers and motivation quotes can come in handy in helping one to start the week in a better mood.

Below we have listed some of the best payer quotes you can send to your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, or any loved ones. You can also check on Happy Monday Wishes

Monday Morning Prayer Quotes

1. Happy Monday morning to you, may this day be a blessing to you, and be inspired to achieve your dreams in the best way possible.

2. May the Lord bless you this Monday, may this day be of favor to you and whatever you plan to do, be exceptionally good.

3. Each day comes with its blessing, but this Monday may happiness be with you.

4. Happy Monday morning, let the sunshine shine around you today, and let both joy and happiness come from within and without.

5. A wonderful Monday morning it is, hope on this day the good God will bless the work of your hands.

Monday Morning Prayer quote

6. Happy Monday! Stay calm, relaxed, and smiling because being alive is a good reason to be happy.

7. Let this Monday morning be a day of new and better beginnings, let a new chapter open in your life where you become a better you.

Monday Morning Prayer Text Messages

8. A new week begins this Monday morning, May the love surround you, and may your heart be at peace.

9. Happy Monday, May this week be a fruitful one for you.

10. This Monday morning is a blessing, let every minute be a chance to enjoy

11. Cheers to a happy Monday morning, let the plan for this day be optimistic, no matter what.

12. May the Lord give you the desires of your heart this Monday morning

13. May your life attract blessings and goodness this week, may your hard work be fruitful. Happy Monday to you

14. Good morning. I wish you a blessed Monday and an amazing week ahead.

15. Good morning. May victory be yours today. Have a great Monday.

Monday Prayer Message

16. I am optimistic that things will turn out to be better for you this week than they were the previous week.

17. Happy Monday morning to you, lots of kisses and hugs from me to cheer you up for the week ahead.

18. Sometimes Monday morning can be hard to face but to make it through be positive and know that each is a blessing that comes from God.

19. Happy Monday, I wish you an awesome day my dear, let not the pressure of the day get the best of you,

20. May you get the strength to overcome each difficulty on your way to success, Amen.

21. Happy Monday morning to you, just the fact that you are alive today, it should be a good reason to make the world better to live in.

22. May you be so exceptionally good at your place today, let the pace you set be a standard even to be emulated by your enemies.

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Monday Morning Prayer Messages – Monday Prayer

1. May the Lord shine His light upon you and May He open doors that no one can shut. Amen

2. Let every good work of your hands be blessed by the Almighty. That you may eat the fruits of your labor.

3. This is the day that the Lord has made, you are going to be blessed in your going out and coming back Amen,

4. Happy Monday morning to you, this day is a sign that better things are in store for you, just believe and have faith in His promises, our God has never failed.

5. Let no circumstance take your joy, let the joy of the Lord be your strength.

6. Good morning, may the grace of God be with you. Carry you when you feel weak and above keep you safe from evil. Amen.

7. Even on a Monday morning it is good to honor the Lord, and Praise Him in the beauty of His holiness.

8. The power of the cross can do more than we can imagine, so do not despair while He still calls out for you.

9. On this Monday morning delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

10. On this wonderful Monday purpose to be the blessed man, walk not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in way of sinners nor sit in the seat of scornful.

11. Have a blessed Monday. May God see you through this day, May He fight all your fights and make you see a prosperous week.

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Monday Wishes and Prayers

12. Stand strong. Do not be taken aback. For sure the work of your hands shall not be futile in Jesus’ name.

13. As you look unto Jesus this week, may He open for your feet a path and guide all of your ways. Have a great week.

14. Happy Monday, may the Lord give you the power you need to face this week. Amen.

15. Happy Monday morning, May your mind be equipped for the new beginnings that this day will offer.

16. May the Lord give you the grace to handle challenging tasks. May He help you deal with difficult people, His grace is sufficient for you to amicably deal with your enemies. Have a happy Monday.

17. Good morning, as you prepare to go out and carry out your responsibilities may God protect you from harm.

18. Not only on this blessed Monday but for the rest of your life, may you live a purposeful life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

19. Good morning to you and your family, this day I pray the Lord will increase you to greater heights. Your children will be like olive oil around your house; your spouse will prosper to bring your family more prosperity and joy. A simple prayer in Jesus name, Amen

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Nothing can be compared to seeking God first thing every morning. Every Monday morning signifies a new week, something that should enable us to find that extra energy and willpower to push us through the week.

Prayer changes things and opens doors that no other thing could be able to open. Say a simple prayer message or send it to someone this Monday.

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