Mothers Day Messages for Friends and Family

Mothers Day Messages for Friends and Family: Mothers’ Day is one of the special days that remind us how often we need to celebrate our mothers. There are many ways to celebrate mothers, but whatever plans you have, don’t forget to send beautiful messages for Mother’s Day to your friends and family.

Cheer up the mothers around you with sweet words that appreciate all the hustle they go through. Send that Mother’s Day text or card. Warm messages can go the extra mile in bringing some happy memories. If it is a first-time mom, you can also send her happy first Mothers Day wishes

Happy Mothers Day Messages for Friends and Family

You are a wonderful mom, no words can truly express the kind of mother you are. On this Mother’s Day, I just want to let you know that the good work you do will forever be remembered. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Motherhood is priceless, may all the love you give come back to you in many ways. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Happy Mother’s Day Aunt, you are the best. Your kind heart knows no boundaries and I appreciate the care and love you have always shown me. Lots of love.

It’s not only the happy moments that make a wonderful mother but even the challenging ones. You have gone through the rough and smooth moments as a mother and eventually, you have raised your kids in the best way we know how, you are the best. Happy Mother’s Day to you my friend

Your kind words and action are embedded in our hearts. On this Mother’s Day, I want to tell you I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Happy mothers Day best friend!

Happy mother’s Day to you! You are the true epitome of a strong mom.

Happy Mothers Day Messages for Friends and Family


Let the light you lighted in the young children’s hearts come and burn the fire of love in your heart this day. Happy Mother’s Day to you my dear.

Having you in my life has inspired me to be a better mother. I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day.

I always remember the kind words you repeated to me. I have conquered what seemed impossible because of the positive energy you impacted on my life, will always love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s love is limitless, always healing to the soul. Happy Mother’s Day!

May this Mother’s Day bring you laughter and good memories. Happy Mother’s Day my friend!

Motherhood is a title so priceless, with no doubt you are one of the best moms. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

I understand what it means to have a lovable and caring mom because I have you. I will never trade anything for it; enjoy this Mother’s Day knowing you are forever cherished. Happy Mother’s Day!

You have held our family together and you know how to make everyone special. May God bless you for the good seed you have invested in us. Happy Mother’s Day.

It is on the mother’s lap that a child feels the unconditional love, the time you gave to us will forever be in our minds. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

The world has great people because of strong mothers like you, all the best on this Mother’s Day.

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Happy Mothers Day Messages for Friends

My dear friend, best wishes on this wonderful Mother’s Day, let the smile on your kid’s face be a reminder of the great work that has been entrusted to you by God.

You are a great warrior, a precious mother who would do anything to fight for her kids, May God reward your immense effort. Happy Mother’s Day my dear.

Happy Mother’s Day to you. You have always been a true friend and I know your baby is in safe hands for having you as her mom.

It’s not the cards or the messages that make you a great mum, but the willingness to give the best even when it seems impossible. Happy Mother’s Day.

I have seen you become a great woman in life, but seeing you become a wonderful mother has enabled me to realize you are a fighter. Happy Mother’s Day.

Your friendship is the best thing that ever happened to me, and now seeing your baby call you “mommy” inspires me to become a mom soon. Cheers to a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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Happy Mother’s Day Messages for an Aunt

You are an incredible woman aunt, your heart knows how to love selflessly. I wish you a fantastic Mother’s Day.

As my mentor and a mother figure, I will always love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

You hold a special place in my heart, I appreciate the effort you put in place to ensure I became a better man. All the best on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Aunt! Our hearts are filled with love and happiness just because you take the time and show us how much you care!

Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing aunt, You mean a lot to me and my family.

On this Mother’s Day when I count my blessings, I count you twice, You are like a mom and an aunt at the same time, you are so special. Blessed Mother’s Day.

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Happy Mothers Day Wishes for Friends

You are a wonderful lady, having you around is a delight. As you take time to be with your kids I wish you a great Mother’s Day.

You are a selfless lady, your kids are blessed to have you as their mother; No one can be as selfless as you. Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day!

I know how much you sacrifice to give your kids the best; I take this time to wish you a fantastic Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day! In the years we have worked together I have seen the great love you have for your kids. God bless every moment you have with them.

To you motherhood comes naturally, you know how to love and embrace others and I can only imagine what a brilliant mother you are. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Happy Mother’s Day to you! Always remember that I will forever have enormous admiration for you.

You have taught me much, often you remind me positions come and go and it’s times like this that I remember it’s only in my child’s life that my title as a mom will never be replaced. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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Happy Mothers Day Quotes for Friends and Family

To a mother, no age will limit her from standing out for her child.

It’s only in a mother’s heart that you find unending hope for her children.

Without the gift of mothers, many would have lost their sanity.

No home is complete without a mother.

A mother’s love may not be perfect but without it, life would be less hopeful.

Motherhood is not a one-time thing; it’s a lifetime affair that knows no end.

The only title that cannot be replaced by others is that of a mother.

Mothers Day Message to a Friend

You have been a great friend and an amazing mother to your children. I wish you a happy Mother’s Day my friend!

I am always inspired by you my friend; you are such an awesome mom. Happy Mother’s Day my friend!

May you continue shining and doing great. Happy Mother’s Day to a friend who inspires me!

This one day looks like nothing for you have always been such a great mother. You are the best mom that I know of. Happy Mother’s Day to a Friend!

Happy Mother’s Day To my friend, May you have a blessed day.

Do whatever makes you feel happy, do not let anyone pull you down. Happy Mother’s Day to a friend who is always jovial!

There are so many reasons to celebrate you today. It is a special day to remember. Happy Mother’s Day!


No one can be a better mother other than your friend. Tell your friend and family how much you admire them with Happy Mother’s Day Wishes for Friends. At one time in life, you have all wished to become mothers and that has finally come to reality.

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