My Dearest Love

My dearest love
Let me be your hero
Take you places
You have never dreamed of

Let me whisper
The sweet words into your ears
Hold you tight
Never to let you go

My dearest love
I see you in my thoughts and dreams
Let me be yours
My love for you is real

No one truly knows
I have written your name into my heart
Forever it will stay
You are my dearest love

My first love Poem

You were my first love
The first I ever loved
The first I ever cherished
How important you were

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You are still my first love
Our love will never die.
Even though you are not close
I feel like you are close to me

No matter the distance
Shadows of your smile and beauty,
Will never fade
You always have a place in my heart

Even if we do not meet
I occasionally check to see
That you are happy
Even if we can’t be together

You were the first
To make me feel this way
You made me see life in a different way
You made life so full of excitement and passion

Our relationship was magical
The love was strong and powerful
Even after many years
I still feel the love for you
You are my first love

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Your Love Is Magical

I can’t explain how I feel
Words cannot express my love for you
Your love is magical
I love you from the bottom of my heart

You make me fly
You make me be where I have never been
That’s how you make me feel
Your love is magical
Words cannot express my love for you
My love for you is real
When I am with you
I am lost for words

You are my strength when I am weak
You are my hope when I am hopeless
You are my light when it’s dark
Your love is magical

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What I feel inside is so strong
I’ll go anywhere with you
I will do anything for you
Your love is magical
I love you






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