My Heart Beats For You

My Heart Beats For You Poem

Everything I do, I for it for you
I give you my life
You are my dream, I dream of you
My heart beats for you

I was lost in the darkest pit
Never to love again
I had suffered and cried enough
No hope was left in me

You found me when my heart was broken
It was into pieces
You placed the pieces together
You picked me up

I became stronger day by day
Now my heart beats for you,
It beats for your love
You made me breathe again

I can’t stay without thinking of you
You have been there for me
You have given me hope
My heart beats for you

Listen To My Heart Poem

Listen to my heart
It has something to tell you
Come close
Listen to what it has to say

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The mood is great today
The sky is blue
Happiness is in the air
Listen to my heart

Let’s talk about our dreams
Our desires
Where we want to go
Together we will achieve our dreams

Here we are
Listen to my heart
What it wants to share
Listen to it sing
It wants to tell you everything

You are the one
Who makes me feel this way
What I feel for you is real
I love you so much

My heart is calling for you Poem

My heart is calling for you
Burning with passion
My arms are longing to hold you
Close to my heart

I never thought of it
I would feel like this
An amazing feeling
Inside my heart

I love you so much
I can’t wait to meet you
I can’t wait to express my love for you
My heart melts when you are close to me

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I found my happiness
I found my love
I am glad I met you
My life has changed

My heart is calling for you
My thoughts, my work
Is all about you
You are the one I love

The Beat of my Heart Poem

I have been searching everywhere
The love of my life
I finally found her
You are the beat of my heart

My thoughts are filled with you
You are the love of my soul
The one and only one
My heart desires

From the moment I saw you
I knew you were the one
I’ll never let you go
You are the beat of my heart

I can’t hide the feeling
The feeling is strange.
Want to tell you how I feel
To spend my life with you is what I want
You are the beat of my heart

My Heart Speeds with Joy Poem

When I see you
My heart speeds with joy
For it has found a treasure
You are my dream come true

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My heart speeds with joy
When I hold you into my arms
It’s something I want to do all day
Not to leave your side

You know exactly what I want
You know how to make me want you more.
When you say those words
My heart speeds with joy

You are the one who makes my heart race
Your beauty and smile
Makes my heart melt
You are the one I want to be with
I love you

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