Party Invitation Messages

Party Invitation Messages – Invitation Wording for Party

Party Invitation Messages: Are you organizing a party? Nowadays throwing a party has become a norm and we all love to attend a party. If you are the one organizing and hosting, you will need people to attend. You will need to invite your friend and loved ones.

When having a party you need to how to invite. You need to know the right Invitation Wording for the party. You need to know what to write in a party invitation message. The party invitation card working or Party Invitation wordings sometimes can be difficult to find.

When writing invitation messages for a party you need to choose the appropriate words. If you cannot think of the perfect Invitation Wording for a party, these party invitation messages will inspire you to find the ideal wording for the invitation.

Party Invitation Messages

I have decided to throw a wonderful party on [date]. I cordially invite you to share the fun and joy with us. Your presence will be a blessing to us.

The year has been amazing, it’s time to party. I welcome you on [date] to celebrate with us. Looking forward to seeing you!

The party is finally here, all set for [date]. I hope you will find time to be with us. Having you at the party will be a pleasure. I look forward to seeing you at the party.

We have decided to organize a party on [date]. You are hereby invited to enjoy the party with us. All that is required is your presence.

It will be a great pleasure to have you at my party. The date is set on [date]. I hope you find time to be with us.

Invitation Wording for Party

We are organizing a party at our home on [date]. You are a special guest and we would not like you to miss it.

Having you at the party will be awesome. I would like you to join us on [date] as we celebrate with friends.

A guest like you crowns a party. Please join us as we celebrate on the evening of [date]. The party will be held at [location].

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Having you at the party will be a great joy for everyone. I hope you will be available on that day and arrive at the right moment.

I am having a surprise party on [date] at my house. I am inviting you to be there. Please don’t miss it.

Invitation Messages for Party

You are cordially invited to join us for a party that will be held on [date]. Your presence will be highly appreciated.

The honor of your presence is requested at [place] on [date] for a cocktail party at [time].

Attention, we need your help! Come save the day at [place], on [date] at [time].

Please be my guest at an event party, to honor my boyfriend [name], for his [function]. Your presence will highly be appreciated.

Dear friend, I just want to let you know that you are invited to a party that will be held on [date] from [time] at [location]. Your presence will be highly appreciated.

Be my guest on [date] from [time] as we celebrate my achievement in life. The venue will be [venue] from [time]. Please let me know in advance if you will be able to attend.

Invitation Messages for Dinner Party

Join us for dinner to celebrate my 50 years of marriage on [date] at our residence. We look forward to seeing you there.

We would love for you to join us for dinner on [date], at [venue] to celebrate and thank God for the good things He has done in our life.

It has been a very long time since we hosted a dinner party at our place. We will be throwing a dinner party on [date]. We will need you to be at the party.

Please join us for dinner to celebrate [person’s name] retirement from his/her [profession]. The date is [date] at [place]. R.S.V.P. by [date]

I and my wife have decided to organize a party at [venue] and we have decided to invite you formally. Your presence will be required at our dinner party on [date].

We have decided to throw a casual dinner party at [venue]. Please join us on [date] from 7 pm.

I would love you to join me for dinner to celebrate my 30th birthday on [date] at [time] in the evening. The venue will be at [venue] and Dress code: Black tie.

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Invitation Messages for Party of Get-Together

You have been an important person in our lives. The get-together party will be on [date]. The get together will be less joyful if you miss. You are all invited.

You have always been an integral part of this family. Set aside the evening of [date] as we will be having a family get together party. The party will be boring if you miss it. You are all invited.

It is time to party. It is a long time since we had a get-together party. Please join us for the weekend of [date]. Your presence will be highly required.

The joy of getting together is when everyone shows up. We have missed you so much. This time you can’t plan to miss.

The year has been wonderful, it is time to celebrate and create new memories. You are hereby invited to the get-together party on [date] at [venue].

Invitation Messages for Farewell Party

It’s time to bid [name]. Let us make his farewell party a memorable one. You are all invited on [date] at [venue].

You are warmly invited to an evening filled with memories and recounting interesting tales over drinks and dinner at the farewell party of… [Name & designation] at [venue]. The dress code is [code]

Our senior students have done us proud. They have been great friends to us. As they start a new life, let’s come together one more time, dance and party. You are all invited on [date].

It is going to be tough to bid goodbye our colleague, but we have to do it. You are all invited for a farewell party which will be on [date] here at the office.

We are holding a farewell party to bid our colleague [name] goodbye. Let’s make this farewell memorable. Come and join us on [date].

A farewell party is the beginning of a new life. Let us wish our friend success and good luck as he starts a new life.

Invitation Messages for Office Party

It is time to extend our relationship from a professional setting to a personal acquaintance. You are personally invited to join us on [date] for the office party.

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It’s time to get out of our busy schedule. We invite you to join us for an office party on [date].

You are the ones who have taken this company to another level. That is why we have arranged a party to celebrate. You are cordially invited to the office party on [date]

An office party has been organized on [date]. Your presence is highly required. Let’s make this event a success.

This year has been a success for the company. Let us all celebrate the success on [date]. Your presence at the party will add more joy.

There shall be an office party on [date]. Let us all forget our professional work and party. You are cordially invited!

Funny Party Invitation Wording

Every successful party has that one professional entertainer and in our case it’s you. We can’t afford to miss you.

My hospitality is first class, but I can’t afford to eat all the food alone. I invite you to enjoy the day with me on [date].

A wonderful dinner party has been arranged on [date]. We would like to invite you to sample the food. We will not be able to know the taste of the food without you.

You are jovially invited to join us on [date] to celebrate a party at our residence at [time]. Your generous gift will make our moment even happier.

This party requires a professional dancer. Since I am not able to hire one, I have decided to invite you to the party. Please do not be late.

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