Pregnancy Announcement Messages, Quotes & Wording

Pregnancy Announcement Message: One of the happiest and beautiful moments in a woman’s life is when she falls pregnant. Bringing a new being into the world is always an amazing experience. A newborn baby is always a blessing to the family.

There reaches a point where you can’t hold back the good news. You want to let out the good news to your family, friends, and loved ones but cannot find the right Pregnancy Announcement wording.

If you are wondering how to announce your pregnancy, don’t worry, you have come to the right place. We are going to look at Pregnancy Announcement Messages, Pregnancy Announcement Quotes, Pregnancy Announcement Text Messages and I’m Pregnant Texts that you use to let people know about your pregnancy.

Reveal your pregnancy with these pregnancy announcement messages, quotes, and texts. You can send it as a text message; post it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or any social media.

Pregnancy Announcement Message

The journey of motherhood has just begun. We are so excited about welcoming the new baby.

Our family is expanding; soon I will be a mother. I can wait to welcome the new baby into this world.

God has showered me with a wonderful gift that is growing inside me. Remember us in your prayers.

We are going to receive one of the most precious gifts in our life. Remember us in your prayers.

An adorable gift is on the way. We can wait for the nine months to be over. Keep us in your prayers.

We are so excited about becoming three. Soon I will be a mother.

I have never been as happy as I am right now. Soon I am going to be a mom.

Pregnancy Announcement Message

Congratulate me; soon I will be a mom.

It is just months away and soon we will be receiving the most precious gift in our life. We can’t wait to welcome the baby.

I am so happy. A precious gift will be arriving in nine months’ time.

Nowadays I am resting more as soon I will be missing my sleep. I’m Pregnant.

A new member will be added to our family in a few months’ time. I’m Pregnant.

Our family has been blessed and that’s why we are excited to announce we will soon invite a new member into the family.

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Pregnancy Announcement Text Message

With our hearts full of happiness, we are proudly announcing that we are expecting a baby.

I never knew how sweet life is until something started growing in my tummy. The countdown starts now.

The most beautiful journey in my life has just begun. In nine months I will be a mother. What a lovely experience.

A blessing is growing in my stomach. That’s the source of my beauty.

I can’t find the right words to express the joy in my life. The doctor just confirmed. I’m expecting a baby!

Our dream has finally come true. There is a human being growing inside me. Soon I will be a mom.

We prayed for a miracle. God answered our prayers and indeed a miracle is growing inside me.

I felt incomplete. Now I am happy because I feel complete. Thanks to God for He has blessed me with a precious gift. I am pregnant and soon I will be holding the baby in my arms.

Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

You carry a baby in your stomach for nine months and in your heart forever.

Before you are born, I already love you. I can’t wait to see you.

You are indeed a blessing. My life has completely changed because of you. Soon you will be here with me. I can’t wait for the nine months to end.

Every single day I am craving for different things. My interest has completely changed. I wonder what you will become.

You are my happiness; you have brought so much joy into my heart before you are even born. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.

I’m Pregnant Texts

It is time to add a new member to the family. In other words, I’m expectant.

The long journey of motherhood has finally begun for me. Soon I will be holding the baby in my arms.

With tears of joy, I can’t wait to welcome the new baby.

The joy in my life is just unexplainable. We can’t wait to hold the best gift ever in our life. Nine months are not many.

I’m expecting a new member; we are soon going to be three.

A new member of the family will be here with us soon. I am pregnant.

I always imagined how it felt like to be pregnant. Now I know the feeling.

I want the best for the new being inside me. I have given up on a lot of things for nine months.

I don’t have anything to tell you but soon my tummy will betray me. I’m pregnant.

Just found out there is something that is growing inside me. It will be removed in nine months’ time.

From now onwards, I am eating food for two. I’m pregnant.

I am no longer trying to be pregnant because I am already pregnant.

It is weird that I am throwing up in the mornings. What could that be?

I can’t say if it’s pink or blue. So excited, can’t wait to hold the baby.

I can’t wait to meet you, I already love you.

I feel so happy; soon we will need an extra bed because I’m pregnant!


One of the best moments in a woman’s life is during pregnancy. There is so much joy, love, and the happiness of someone growing inside the tummy. When you know you are pregnant, you can’t hold the news. You will want to let your family members, husband, and friends know about the good news. It is the time you would want to carefully choose your words to announce your pregnancy. I’m pregnant text messages are best for you to make the announcement. You can pick one of these pregnancy announcement messages and use it on your text, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, or any social media.

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