21 Questions to ask when hiring Your Wedding Transport

On your wedding day you would like to look great and everything to run smooth from the start to the end. You need a safe ride on your wedding day.

Getting the perfect transport on your wedding day can be a difficult task.

Questions to ask when hiring Your Wedding Transport

Here are some of the questions to ask when hiring Your Wedding Transport.

1. What are the chauffeurs’ qualifications and experience level?

2. Does the company have a portfolio of weddings at which they have provided their services? It can be in the form of display albums, videos or even available online.

3. What is the capacity of the vehicle in terms of seats?

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4. Does the vehicle have insurance and what type of insurance cover is used/ provided by the company?

5. Will the vehicle entirely be used for your wedding or there are other weddings on the same day

6. Will the vehicle stay at the venue during your ceremony? To ensure they do not leave for another task or delay

7. Does it have any wedding package and what does it include?

8. Is there any beverage or drink provided on the vehicle?

9. Can there be multiple pick up locations or it is just one?

10. Do the chauffeurs assist the bride in and out of the vehicle when it is raining? Do they have an umbrella?

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11. What is the duration for the hire?

12. Are there any extra costs that one needs to know that are associated with the hire?

13. Does the company have backup vehicles in case of any breakdown?

14. What happens when a vehicle breaks down?

15. What are the cancellation fees?

16. What are the terms and conditions of reservations?

17. What are the payment terms?

18. What are the charges incurred if the vehicle is used outside the reserved time?

19. Are the vehicles shown and the staff be the same on your wedding day?

20. Any special offers?

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21. If booked or reserved will the price change as the wedding day approaches.

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