Reasons Why I Love my Best Friend

Reasons Why I Love my Best Friend : There are several reasons why people love their best friends. Without a doubt your best friend is the closest person who knows you better than even some of your relatives.

Having a friendship with someone can originate from different circumstances such being in the same school, being married, working together or basically coming from the same area.

Friend-ship is not something that is built over night it takes time and in most cases it’s hard getting a true friend. For those who happen to have many friends, it is not necessarily that they will be best friends. True friendship is a rare gem that more valuable than gold.

Reasons Why I Love my Best Friend

1. When I say I love you my friend I really mean it, few word can really express what you mean to me. You listen to me even when I sometime do not remember the exact word I speak; you take time to comfort me even with your unspoken words. Your look is sometime enough to just say how much you care.

2. For the longest time there so many secrets we have shared, I know my secrets are safe, we can actually share our worst and most embarrassing moments without the fear any other person knowing it

3. With you my friend I know that I can always count on you. I have never hesitated calling you, and in circumstances where I don’t get you I am assured that if I leave a voice message you will always call back. I love you, my best friend

4. I love you my best friend because you have seen me through the lowest moments in my life. Without your help I would have had difficulty getting that first job. You literally trained me how to answer those intimidating interview questions.

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6. It is good to know I love you for helping get over my first heart break. When I thought my world has ended you showed the reality of getting love or not getting it is only limited in our mind. Thanks so much my friend.

7. No words can express the appreciation I feel toward you, many friends have come along the way but many have also left but for you have stuck with me. No distance or circumstance in life has made you leave me. Big up for the love you have showed me.

8. Events and parties in my life have more fun and thrill when I have you around. Together we can always turn any boring event into a memorable and enjoyable experience. In our own world we always rock it. Cheers my best friend.

9. At any time of the day you let me sleep in your house. I have the twenty four seven access and for sure you house is my second home. If that is not a good reason to love you my best friend then I don’t know what else to say.

10. Thanks my friend for truly forgiving me when I wronged you. I should not have given a chance to the enemies of our friendship to ruin what we shared. I love and after realizing my mistake could not help note that had nearly lost the most precious friend in my life. I appreciate the second chance you gave our friendship

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11. You are a brilliant evaluator of people having romantic interest in me. At first, I doubted your ability but know I have seen the reality through the numerous times you have saved me from wrong relationships. I love you for that and will forever be indebted to you.

12. During my low moments you uplift my spirit, your encouraging words always ring in my mind and sometime it’s the thought of not letting you down that make me work hard. I love you

13. I love you because you are my inspiration; the things that you have achieved in your life always inspire me. As my best friend you remind me the sky is the limit.

14. You know why I love my best friend? The answer lies on the fact of who you are, not only do you have you a good heart but also a good attitude toward people. You see the best in people even when the world has given up on them. You are a champion

15. Our families have been united due to our friendship; you really care about my family just like I care about yours. I know even in my absence they can count on you. I love you, sweet best friend

16. Not once or twice but many uncountable times have shown how much you know me. When it comes to my favorite dish, clothes, movies or even shoes you have been able to choose the best. Thanks

17. I love you my friend, you show me your love in different ways, in all my important moments like birthdays you have been there. Every year you brighten my days in way I can never imagine.

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18. The love between us makes me sometime trust your guts more than my own. That is why I sometimes ask you first what to do before taking any action.

19. I love you because you are not quick at judging people. In most cases you have taught me to use their experiences, and learn how to make better decisions

20. Of all the friends I have ever met you are the one that my heart feels at ease, when you are around I never worry how I look, or walk or eat or do anything. Having you around does not limit my freedom and I know I can be myself 100 percent. Not a single day have I ever felt the need to hide anything about me when you are around. I love you so much my best friend.

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