Religious New Year Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Religious New Year Wishes: An opportunity to see another year is a great chance to celebrate with family and friends. There are many ways to celebrate a new year, one of the simplest and most unforgettable ways is by sending well-inspired Happy New Year messages. As you look forward to a prosperous year don’t forget to send religious New Year wishes.

As the majority of the people copy and forward the same messages, you can create unique and inspirational New Year wishes. Look at below religious New Year wishes, they will help you come up with the best New Year wishes.

Religious New Year Wishes

Happy New Year to you! It is another blessed year that the Lord has given to us. I pray the year will bring you success and happiness.

Cheers! What a wonderful morning, the first day of this new year. I trust the goodness of God shall be with you. May you trust in His plans for your life. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. It is a blessing to celebrate a new chapter of our lives. Blessed new year to you.

Hurray! Here we are, another new year to do marvelous things. I trust the Lord will be your leader throughout the year. Happy and prosperous year to you.

The new year is finally here. It has taken the hand of God to overcome the previous year’s challenges. Through the hand of God, it is going to be a wonderful year. Happy New Year!

We are blessed, the gift of a new day and a new year is some of many blessings from God. Let your heart rejoice and be glad in the Lord. Wish you a blessed year!

Happy New Year Religious Wishes

I always thank God for having you in my life. As the year begins I pray for good health, a sound mind, and prosperity. Cheers to better days ahead!

Happy New Year my friend! I do not doubt that the new year will be full of opportunities for us to embrace and make a difference. May God be our leader.

It is another year to trust the Lord with all hearts. With God on our side, nothing will be impossible, Happy new year!

We cannot celebrate a new year without honoring God. He is the giver of good gifts; we are blessed to see another new year. I send my best wishes to you.

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Religious New Year Messages

Happy New Year to you, may God’s word be your shield and strength as we look forward to becoming winners.  Be blessed.

The mercies of God are new every morning, on a blessed New Year’s morning like this, I wish you a delightful year filled with many smiles and peaceful moments. Happy New Year my friend.

Happy New Year to you! Let not your faith in the Lord waiver. Blessed is the man who puts his trust in the Lord.

It is the word of God that gives us the strength and the courage for better days. Hold on to what you believe in. Happy New Year to you!

The promises of God are unfailing. In Him, we have all that we need in life. Happy New Year.

Let not your heart be discouraged no matter what. The Lord who created the universe is your unfailing friend. In Him, our future days are assured of unfailing love. Happy and prosperous New Year to you!

As the years begin, never forget that you have a friend who sticks closer than a brother. May the love of God be with you all 365 days of this year. Blessed year to you!

I pray that the presence of God will go before you, and make ways where there seems to be no way. Happy New Year to you my friend!

Happy New Year to you. With God on your side, every day will be special. Your soul will overflow with joy. All the best my dear.

May this special year be crowned with abundance in all aspects of your life. Happy New Year to you.

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Happy New Year Religious Wishes

Happy New Year to you, let a song of joy fill your heart. You are among the many who have seen a delightful first day of this new year. May God be with you in all you do.

Our plans for the year may look perfect, but without the perfect blessing of God, all will be in vain. May God’s light shine for you this wonderful year. Happy New Year!

Let your heart praise the Lord. He knew you even before you were formed in your mother’s womb. Commit all your plans to Him and you will never regret it. Happy and prosperous New Year to you.

Happy New Year to you! May the Lord give you the grace and strength to add another wonderful page to your life.

May your dreams come true. I know you will be like a tree planted by the river, you will produce good fruits throughout the year. Happy New Year to you.

Happy New Year to you! I pray that all your goals will be accomplished with love and peace. May God always be a present help in your everyday life. Have a Joyful New Year.

I hope you are enjoying the first of this year? Let your soul be glad, we have a big and perfect God. All the best!

Happy New Year my friend, rejoice always because He who watches over us never sleeps or slumbers. You are special in God’s eyes.

Although the year is very new and the days ahead are uncertain, we have a God who knows all the days of your life. Never fear, He is with you. Happy birthday to you!

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Biblical New Year Wishes

May the Almighty will be with you. May He lead you into greener pastures and lift you into places you never thought you would go.

I pray that heaven’s love will be with you in this special year. You are special in my life and I am glad we have better days to become what God intended for us.

Being alive is delightful. It is only the love of God that has preserved us this far. I wish you a successful and peaceful year.

In life at the end of it all, we are to love God and reverence Him. May God’s word be the light to your path. Have a blessed and enjoyable year ahead.

Have a hopeful and wonderful year, it is unending hope in God that keeps us going. On this first day of the year, may your hope be renewed.

During this year may you delight in the Lord. He is the giver of good gifts and in Him, our heart’s desires are granted to us. Happy New Year to you!

Happy New Year to you! Be assured that God’s will for your life is the best. May great dreams be achieved through His grace. Have a prosperous year.

What a blessed day it is, a new opportunity to add new experiences to our lives. Let’s share the love in the best way we know how. Happy New Year to you.

As we come together to celebrate the goodness of God, may you find the inspiration to do and become better. Happy New Year to you.

Life without God is poor living, seeing another year is a chance to give thanks at all times. May your year be thriving.

Spiritual Happy New Year Quotes

We come this far without much effort in our lives, each new day has been a blessing from God. May we learn to live under the cover of His love. Happy New Year!

Nothing is certain in this life. The only certain thing we have is the love of God. May you find your peace in God’s hands. Cheers to a love-filled year!

We are the apples of God’s eyes! Let’s choose the right path and we will find the contentment in this life. Wish you a lovely year!

Best wishes to you and your wonderful family. My prayer for you is that God will shower you with more blessings and let your mind be at peace.

Happy New Year my friend, the Lord’s hand has carried us through. Let’s always be glad to call Him Mighty God.

May the brightest stars in your life remind you of the true promises of God. Let nothing blur your mind from the love of God. Be blessed every single day!

Happy New Year to you! Take a moment and see how far the grace of God has brought you. I wish you all the best that heaven has to offer you!

May all your dreams come true through Christ who strengthens you. Never let go of God’s love. Happy and beautiful year to you.

Christian Happy New Year Quotes

Happy New Year to you, joyfully learn to fully live each day granted to you. God gives us life for a reason. Wish you happy days ahead!

Time is valuable to those who take time and see the best moments even on rainy days, may you have all blessed 365 days ahead.

One of the best principles in life is; to live to your best each moment. I pray you will not carry the unnecessary burdens of previous years into this new year. Happy New Year!

The grace of God is unlimited. Let that grace carry you where you feel you cannot make it. Have a blessed new year!

May the miracles from above come to you this year. May your life overflow with God’s favor. Happy New Year to you!

Happy New Year to you, may you live with an open heart, to always know the right steps to take. All the best my dear

Cheers for seeing a brand new year, Glory to God for giving us this day. We are blessed to have breadth in our lungs. I pray that God will allow us to live till we see the last of the year.

Happy New Year to you! In all the New Year’s resolutions you make, make God your priority. He never fails. Wish you the best.

As you take the first steps in achieving the best, take time and focus on God’s goodness. Happy New Year to you.

At this moment, when the year is brand new, may we learn to rely deeply on God’s grace. When it comes to having a life, no one is self-made. We all owe it to God.

Conclusion: Religious New Year Wishes

There is no better way to start the year on a good note than getting religious New Year wishes. At this point of the year, Biblical New Year Wishes remind us of the importance of putting God first in our life. Compared to general New Year wishes, religious New Year wishes are more meaningful. That is why you should take time and come up with the relevant wishes to send to your family, friends, colleagues, and all the loved ones in your life.

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