Romantic Love Poems for Him or Her

Romantic Love Poems for Him or Her: Remind your lover how you feel about him or her with these romantic poems. These romantic love poems will help you improve your romance and love life.

This is the perfect time to share those romantic poems. In this post, you will find you are perfect for me poem, you are the best for me poem , give me everything poem, give me Love poem, the jewel of my heart poem, you are the beauty of my heart poem, I call it love poem, my best companion poem, perfect for each other poem.

Let your love know how you feel through Romantic Love Poems.

Romantic Love Poems for him

You Are Perfect For Me Poem

My love, you are everything to me
Your eyes, your kiss, and touch
Makes me want you more
You are perfect for me

You are my Love and happiness
I will go anywhere you go
I will climb the mountain for you
You are my true love

You are perfect for me
I love everything about you
I look forward to the day
I will wake up next to your beautiful face every day

When you smile
And whisper to my ears
You take my breath away
All I want is to hold you gently like a baby

My love for you is so strong
Sometimes I don’t realize
How much I love you
You are the one I cherish

You are perfect for me.

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You Are the Best for Me Poem

You Are the Best for Me
You accepted me the way I am
I love being with you
Doing the simple things we love

You have never complained
You have never thought negativity
Your thoughts are always about our future
You are the best for me

Everyone makes mistakes
We will struggle like everyone
You are the right person for me
You are the best for me

You became my best love
I gave you the best
You gave me your best
Our love grows every day

I want to wake up
Beside you every morning
Spend my evenings with you
Enjoying dinner and looking at the stars

I want to share the details of my day with you
Hear your day’s experience
Fall asleep with you in your arms
You are the best for me.

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Give Me Everything Poem

My love, come close tonight
Give me everything tonight
Let me hold you tight
Let me cuddle you through the night

Do not be carried away
With what they say
All that matters is we are here
You are the one who gives me strength

You are my world,
Everything I have,
The love of my life
Give me everything

Give me your heart
Give me your soul
You are everything to me
Give me everything

Oh! My love
I can’t stop loving you
I give you my heart and soul
I give you everything I have.

Give Me Love Poem

Give me love like never before
Let me be your love
The one and only
In your heart

I have been walking this path alone
I need someone to accompany me
That person is you
Give me love

I found the love of my life
Never imagined I would find
I have waited for so long
Lastly, I found my dream love

Give me love my dear
Make me feel the way you do
You are my happiness
Give me love tonight.

Romantic Love Poems for Her

The Jewel of My Heart Poem

You light up my life
Your presence changes the atmosphere
You make life colorful
You are the jewel of my heart

The smile on your lips
Makes my heart run faster
Your inner beauty draws me closer to you
You are the jewel of my heart

Each time you are close to me
There is this feeling
That I can’t resist
But want to cuddle you all night.

Your touch sweeps my heart away
You have shown me how to love
Now, I know what love is
Forever, you will be the jewel of my heart.

You possess a unique character
My heart can’t resist, you are my jewel
You are a perfect lady for me
You are the jewel of my heart.

You are the Beauty of My Heart Poem

My Love, I think about you always
You are my heartbeat
The feeling that connects us
You are the beauty of my heart

When I see you
My heart beats faster
I love your smile
Your beauty is all my heart desires

I love the way you hold me
The way you kiss me gently
I love being in your arms
You are the beauty of my heart

You are the brightest star in my life
The best thing that has ever happened to me
Your love is the reason I live every day
You are the beauty of my heart

I Call It Love Poem

I can’t help it when I am with you
I feel butterflies
There is this chemistry
I call it love

Everything feels so right
It’s like am in my own world
You make my heart beat faster
My thoughts are all about you
I call it love

I never thought that I would find you
You are the one
My heart has been searching
Baby this feeling is strong

Let’s build our world
Our future together
This love is so real
I’m yours forever
And you’re my sweetheart
You are my everything
I love you

My Best Companion Poem

You are my best companion
Words alone cannot describe
Your eyes tell it all
You shower me with love

My day starts and ends with your thoughts
You are always in my mind
You are my happiness
You fill my heart with your happiness

When I am not with you
I feel lonely
I can’t imagine my life without you
You are my best companion

When I am low
You know where to touch
You know how to make me feel good
You are my best companion

Perfect For Each Other Poem

We are perfect for each other
You are my best friend and I’m yours
We share a lot
We tell each other everything
We are a compatible couple

I see a future with you
Life looks beautiful
I picture our dreams together
How lovely our kids will be
Perfect for each other

Our differences make us who we are
In case of a misunderstanding
We are always ready to work it out
We are perfect for each other

When I am with you I am myself
We laugh together
Share life’s simplest pleasures.
We are perfect for each other


Pick one of these romantic poems for her or romantic poems for him and send it to your lover. I am sure she will feel loved and appreciated.

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