Shining Like the Stars

You are shining like the stars
High above the sky
No matter how far you are
You are easily noticeable


You are a beauty
Your hair, your face,
Oh! your skin, is so sooth
You are shining like the stars


I would like you to be mine
To love and care
Forever close to me
Never to let you go
You are a shining star to my heart

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When the stars shine Poem

When the stars shine
I want to be there with you
Cuddled while gazing at the stars
When it’s cold, I’ll be by your side
To give you the warmth you need

When the stars shine
I want to be yours
To be your friend
To give you the strength
When you are weak

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Loving you is all I want
Care for you
Treasure you all the days of my life
You are the one I long for
When the stars shine



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