Short Mother’s Day Quotes

Searching for Short Mother’s Day Quotes? Get the best Mother’s Day messages and quotes. Show how much you care about your mother. Thank the person who has made the most impact in your life.

Celebrating mother’s day is a wonderful thing and sending a thoughtful quote to her, to remind her how special she is, will really make up her day. If words are not enough use these short

Mother’s Day Quotes

1.    Mom… Thanks for everything, you’re the best. Happy Mother’s Day!

2.    May all the love you gave to us, come back to you a hundredfold on this special day!

3.    Wishing you all the love and happiness… Happy Mother’s Day!

4.    I am happy because of you, Happy Mother’s Day!

5.    Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom I could ever have asked for.

6.    Mom…Thank you for always being there, Happy Mother’s Day!

7.    Wishing you a fabulous Mother’s day!

8.    You are my rock, Happy Mother’s Day!

9.    Happy Mother’s Day! You’re the best mom ever.

10.    Thank you for always being there for me! Have a wonderful mother’s day.

11.    You’re very special to me, brought me up in the best way, Happy Mother’s Day.

12.    You were my first friend, the first person I saw.  Happy Mother’s Day.

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13.    I love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.

14.    When I am down, you lift my spirit. Happy Mother’s Day.

15.    You do so much for me, Thanks for being there. Happy Mother’s Day.

16.    I am very lucky to have you as a mother. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

17.    A mother’s love is a special package from heaven, thanks for being the one. Happy Mother’s Day.

18.    Mom, you have made the life so beautiful. We are grateful. Happy Mother’s Day.

19.    Your love is incomparable, Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Quotes

Below is a few inspiring mother’s day quotes, to make her day special.

1.    You are the one who made me who I am today. Thanks.

2.    No matter where I am, you are always in my heart, I am grateful for bringing me up. You are a wonderful Mother.

3.    Your lessons and love has changed my life, it has molded to who I am. Thank you mother.

4.    You are among the million perfect mothers,

5.    Raising me took a lot of sacrifice. Thanks for sacrificing your time, I am forever grateful

6.    I have always made a lot of mistakes; you were there to shape me, never tired of disciplining me and always forgiving. I have grown to be a responsible person.

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7.    If you were not my mum, I would choose you as a my best friend

8.    To the world you are described as a mother, to our family you are the world

9.    What I ever hope to be or I am, I owe it you. You are my angel mother.

10.    Thanks for always being there for us, you always understood us better, when we wanted to speak or when we missed something. You are an amazing mother.

11.    I don’t know how to thank and appreciate you. Words cannot or a gift cannot equate your love and sacrifice. Thanks for being a wonderful mother.

12.    There is this kind of love, we always felt it and we still do, you are the greatest mother in the whole world.

13.    When I was dirty, wet, smelled sweat, you still took me in your arms, held me and fed me. Your love is great. One of a kind. I love you mother.

14.    You can take all the place of all other mothers; no one can cake your place.

15.    Mothers bring up their children’s for a short period, but they remain in their hearts

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16.    I am who I am because of you. I am very grateful

17.    Mothers are like spark, they bring everything together. Thank you for bringing our family together.

18.    I owe everything to you, Thank you for being there for me mother.

19.    All love begins and ends with you mother.

20.    Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself, you are a wonderful mother

21.    You are the greatest mother in the whole world, Thank you for teaching me the virtues of life.

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