Sweet Love Poems for Lovers Falling In Love

Looking for Short Sweet Love Poems? A love poem can sometimes be short and flowery. At times the message you want to pass can be short. You want to pass that special message clear and straight to the point.

Its shortness shows you have carefully thought of every word that is being used. Sweet Love Poems can be the ultimate act of romance when they are given time and effort that they deserve.

Express your love in poetry, in a beautiful way, write short sweet love poem to spice up your relationship.

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Sweet Love Poem 1

Your love is Magical,
Your love is beautiful,
Your love is all I ever dream of.
You are my heartbeat,

The only person I want to spend my life with.
If I love me back the way I do,
I’ll do anything just for you.
I love you for more than you can imagine.

Sweet Love Poem 2

A million stars up in the sky,
one shines the brightest than others,
A love so precious and true,
Love that comes from me to you,

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When you are near me the angels sing,
When am in your arms, I have nothing to fear
My love for you is great.

Your smile is all I need,
Being close to you always is all I want.
I love you dear with all of my heart.

Sweet Love Poem 3

I never really knew you
you were just another friend when I met you.
When I started knowing you
I opened my heart to you

You became part of me
Your memories were everywhere, wherever I went
You became my heartbeat and soul
I am in love with you

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My feelings for you are very strong
I want to go places with you
I want you to be part of me
I love you

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