Thank You God Quotes

Thank You God Quotes: Today we look at quotes that can help us show gratitude to God. Thank you God quotes will simply help you understand and express the gratitude you could have towards our father in heaven.

There are many things that God has done for us, but even when you feel like he has deserted you, He is just a call away. Being alive alone is a good reason to give Him glory and honor.

Praising God should be part of our life regardless of what we are going through. There is no single or precise way to worship God, so as we look at the below quote it is good to understand that every soul can express its gratitude in the best ways it can. However, we hope that these thank you God quotes will help you in creating a good thought and an encouragement to thank our creator.

Thank you God Quotes

Thank you heavenly father for you have never failed anyone, you give me strength in times when I am weak.

If it was not for your grace and mercy I would not have come this far, you have delivered me from all my adversities, thank you, God

My prayer to you my God is that even in times of weakness I will remember to thank you for you are my King and my God

My days on this earth are numbered, but you God you are everlasting, teach me to live a grateful life, that I may remember to thank you all the days of my life

Looking back at my life, I have realized one thing it is by grace that I have come this far. Without you on my side, I would not have come this far. Thank you so much my father in heaven.

Thank you God, for the blessing of a new and splendid day. To enjoy the sunshine in the morning, to have the chance to see the beauty of the stars in the evening

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Thank you, Lord, for giving me the chance to enjoy life, for having the opportunity to love and be loved.

Your word is a guiding light unto my feet, thank you for showing me the directions to take in life. Without you, my life would have been lost.

You lifted me up when I had no hope, from nothing you made me the person I am today. Thank you, God

The chance to have a second chance in my life after I messed up is what I am most grateful for. No amount of thanksgiving can be enough to show you my gratefulness.

Thank God Quotes

Thank you for unveiling peace in my life. When I had sleepless night I called upon your name and you gave me peace that is beyond my understanding.

Having a family that I love is one of the blessings that I cherish most. God I express gratitude from the inner part of my heart

Being your child is the most fulfilling thing in my life, knowing that I no longer live under the curse of sin. Through the blood of Jesus shed on the cross I have the hope of seeing eternity. Thank you God for giving you son to die for our sins

When the crazy world says there is no God, I look around me and see how the creations testify the power of your majesty. Thank you God for giving us the simple and the mighty things in life to just declare your glory.

As the birds of the air wake up every morning to sing, I take the opportunity to remember that I was also created to praise you. Thank you for each day that you have given me a breath of life.

There is a roof over my head, my body can move without pain and their food on my table. Your blessing is what keeps me going, thank you god for all you have done

Every day comes with its blessings when I wake up without a clue what will transpire during the day you give hope and bless my business. Thank you mighty God

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Thank you Jesus for being our savior, with your blood we become overcomers. No evil thing planned against us will reach us, for you are our protector. Amen

Father, I am a piece of clay and you are the porter, you have molded me to be more than I ever imagined. Received my thank giving my God

In creation, you said let there be, and it was. With powerful words of your mouth, you created the universe. So many times you have spoken to my heart and given me hope for the future. Let this day my praise and thanksgiving come back to you.

Thank You God

Thank you God for an additional year in my life! As we look ahead of another year my heart still has many dreams and desires. Thank you for the answered prayers and may you receive all the honor for your faithfulness.

Thank You God for the blessings poured upon us. Thank you for all the joy, well-being, and wealth.

I am grateful, Lord for everything that you permit to cross my way. Thankful for the choices that you let me make and the teachings that come from these choices.

You say in your word, ask and you will receive, surely your words are true, not once or twice have I asked for your help and you came through for me. Thank you so much, My God

When I was sick you healed me, gave me the strength to go through treatment, and finally was totally healed. I can only thank you, my God

As I graduate from college, I want to thank you, my God. During hard timess, you gave me support. All through my school life you have been my anchor and present help in times of need.

Thank you Jesus for being the Lord over my life. You have fought my enemies whose main aim was to bring me down.

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Nothing brings me more joy than knowing my sins are forgiven, Thank you God for making me a better person. Amen

I am thankful for Jesus Christ for his sacrifice on the cross just to save me.

ThankYou God for Everything

You are my strength; you lead me into the right path and help me overcome life challenges. Thank You God for Everything!

I was lost in darkness, but now I can see the light. Thank you for saving me. Thanks God for everything you have done in my life.

Thank you for giving me strength to conquer challenges in life. Truly you are a loving God. I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Thanks God for giving me wisdom and knowledge. I know without you I could be nobody. Thank you for everything.

You are the King of kings, Lord of Lords, the greatest healer. Thank you for making me whole again. Thanks God for everything.

Thank you God for all the blessings you have given me. Please teach me to live according to your ways.

I don’t want to take things for granted. Thank you God for the gift of life and the good family you have given me. You are everything to me.

Thank you God for all the good things that have happened in my life! Thanks God for everything!

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