Thinking About You

Thinking About You Poem

Thinking about you
When I go to sleep at night
When I wake up every morning
I smile when I think about you.
I can’t find the exact words to express my self
You have occupied my mind

Thinking of you is easy.
Missing you is the heartache
That never goes away.
Thinking about you always

You may be far
You may be out of my sight
Though you are always in my thoughts
Thinking about you every second

When I think of you
Nothing else matters.
You are a blessing to me
My beautiful angel

My thoughts are free to go anywhere,
I surprised on how they wonder
They always move to your direction
Thinking about you

I Think the World of You Poem

I wonder how I can express my feeling
All I know I will always think the world of you
Your thoughts are always with me
Whenever I go or do.

I think the world of you
Today, tomorrow and forever
You are my world
You have made me who I am today

I miss your touch
I miss the beautiful smile on your face
I miss your sweet voice
You are a darling to my heart

I long to feel you in my arms
The warmth of your body
The feel of your heart beat
All I do is, I think the world of you
I love you my sweetheart

I Think of You All the Time Poem

My dear, I think of you all the time
When I think about the past
I can see all the love we have shared
You are the queen of my heart

I can’t get you out of my mind
When I am alone, all I can do is think about you
My love for you is still strong
I think of you all the time.

I can’t hide it anymore
Knowing you have left
My heart cannot move on
I think about you all the time

No matter the distance
You are deep inside my heart
You fill my thoughts
I think of you all the time

The memories I have are all yours
I want you in my life
I desperately need you
Come back my love

Let’s make things right
Let’s start again
Learn from our mistakes
I know we will make it

I Think About You Every Day Poem

Oh! This love is killing me
My nights are becoming lonely
Though, filled with your thoughts
I think about you every day

I wish I could spend my days with you
Show you how I feel about you
There is so much I need to say
I can’t just say them in a day

I miss you my dear
I think about you every day
You are the most important person in my life
I love you so much my sweetheart

When I close my eyes
I can feel you close to me
I want us to be friends forever
I want to spend my life with you
I wish our love will last forever

Always Thinking Of You Poem

I am always thinking of you
Every second and every minute of the day
I always think of you
You are in my sleep and dreams

I always think of what you are doing
What you are thinking
If you are comfortable
Can’t stop thinking of you

The smile that you give me
When I meet you
Keeps me always thinking of you
Wanting to be with you always

Distance does not stop me thinking of you
You memories are with me
My heart always longs for you
I am always thinking of you.

I feel incomplete
When I think that you might be gone in my life
Life without you is meaningless
The thought of you is always in my mind

The Thought of You Poem

The Thought of You
Makes me happy
The Thought of You
Gives me joy
The thought of you
Puts a smile on my face

I can’t fight the feeling
I can’t win
My mind is filled with the thought of you
How can I fight a lost battle

You took me captive
You are my thought when I go to sleep
You are my thought when I wake up
I’m in love with the thought of you

I can’t explain what you have done to me.
I can’t get out of it.
The thought of you makes my heart weak.
The thought of you is love.



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