Time to Let Go

Time to Let Go is a poem about letting someone you loved so much go. Its time to put an end to your relationship.

Time to Let Go Poem

Time to Let Go
Falling in love is a lot easier
Than letting go when it comes to an end
It is hard to realize you got to start over
And find some where to begin
Letting go is something that will take a lot of time and heartache

But one day you will realize
It is time to make a clean break
I wish some of the pain could have been put aside
Sometimes, I just sit and wonder why

As tears fall my eyes
I know you are not the only one out there
But I always know just how much you did care
Neither of us is really to blame
It may have turned out just the same

But now I realize the mistake I have made
And I think of a relationship I could have saved
But now I will finally be trying to get over you
I know you perhaps feel the same way
For some time now, we’ve been apart

It is Time to let go
Live and let go now, but you still have a special place in my heart
I love you but it’s time to let go

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