To See You Again

To See You Again Poem

I long to see you again
Tell you all the things I ever wanted
This journey is long
We have come a long way

When I see you again
I will tell you how I feel
I can’t resist you
The feelings I have for you is so strong

You are my strength
You are my joy and happiness
To see you again
Is all I want?

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Tell me my love
When will I see you again?
I have a lot to tell you
This love is real

To see you again
Be close to you
Feel your warmth
And hold you tight
Is all I want

Let Me See Your Face Poem

Time has passed
You have been away for long
My days have been lonely
Without you

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Every day, I have been filled
With your thoughts and dreams
I want you close
Let me see your face

Bring back the sweet dreams
I long to be with you
To hold you tight, never let you go
Be in your arms every night

To whisper sweet words into your ears
To hear your voice
See you near me everyday
As my heart desires to be with you
Let me see you face

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