Toxic Instagram Captions

Toxic Instagram Captions: With toxic captions for Instagram you can easily express your thoughts or feelings after being betrayed, a breakup, or when your relationship suddenly ends.

Sometimes you need to tell the truth. Release the other side of yourself with toxic Instagram captions.

Find some savage toxic captions for Instagram that you can use on your post.

Toxic Instagram Captions

I do bad things very well, try me.

If you don’t treat me well, I have no choice but to leave.

When a hyena puts up makeup, it still remains to be a hyena.

I prefer not to act like someone else. I prefer to be myself.

Whatever you say I don’t care.

People say that I am always not concerned; the truth is I am not concerned.

I am no longer the sunshine you thought I was.

Toxic Captions for Instagram

Take back everything that you gave me, I no longer need them.

I hope Karma deals with you before I do.

I don’t want to surround myself with losers.

Some people are purely fake. I never want to be associated with them.

When you are stubbed you always emerge stronger.

I do bad things and I do them very well.

There are those that hate you because you are loved by other people.

You don’t like me and yet you watch everything that I do.

It must be hard trying to maintain a cool face.

Bad luck, there is no way you can hide your personality.

If it pisses you off, let it be. I love being myself.

Be savage because no one cares.

I have no interest in you. I don’t want to talk to you.

You don’t deserve me if you can’t handle me when I am at my lowest moment

Haters keep me going.

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Savage Toxic Captions for Instagram

It is not that I don’t love you, I am just not happy about your existence.

You want peace, my specialty is violence.

I am too busy to even think about you.

This is an impossible game.

You hate me because you know you will lose.

I wouldn’t act differently. I would still act the same.

I don’t have the energy to speak much.

I’m not here to entertain anyone.

Haters are a reminder of how wonderful you are.

You’re the reason Satan exists.

I will treat you the same way you treat me.

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Toxic Instagram Captions for Ex Girlfriend

Now I have my peace of mind. You were not worth my time.

The end of a relationship doesn’t mean it’s the end of your life.

Not that I don’t speak, it’s that we are no longer an item.

I would probably be far if it were not for you. You take taken me back ten steps.

I don’t even know how I fell in love with you. You give me nightmares.

I am happy that now I am at peace with myself, not with an annoying girl like you.

I have thrown all the feelings that I had for you into the deep sea.

I am much better and more powerful than ever without you.

You are wrong if you still think I am where you left me. I have moved on with my life.

Toxic Instagram Captions for Ex Boyfriend

Don’t expect my life to be on hold. Life goes on without you.

You cannot play with my heart forever; there are times one says no.

You can’t keep playing with my heart and expect praise.

Why would I want someone very negative like you in my life? I am better off by myself.

There comes a time when you stop going that extra mile for people who don’t appreciate you.

You are such a fake guy. No wonder you are always rejected.

Toxic Captions for Instagram After Breakup

If you are dealing with a breakup, these Toxic Captions for Instagram after Breakup is what you need.

Our time together expired; I no longer want anything to do about you.

The best about my life is that you are no longer in it.

Karma is just sharpening his tools. He will pass by your place shortly.

The pain is inside my heart, but I am laughing because you left me for someone cheap.

I need someone who sees the love inside me and not the one who wants to break it.

You were my heartbeat, now you are nothing to me.

If I find you being beaten on the way, I will mind my own business.

I can now see your true colors. I hate you with all my heart.

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