What to Do If Someone Cheats On You

What to Do If Someone Cheats On You: Sometimes betrayal often comes from people we love. Arguably, people cheat because they want to, but in most cases, double-dealers blame their partner or anything that easily takes the blame. If you are in a rocky relationship, instead of cheating you should look for the best alternative to resolve their problems. If no positive change is seen in the relationship then it is better to separate other than cheat.

For anyone who has been cheated on it is not easy. Below we have looked at some of the things you can do after going through such a difficult situation. You can also have a look at Karma Cheating Quotes

What to Do If Someone Cheats on You

Take time and let your heart heal

Unfaithfulness leaves a wound in the heart. Avoid the mistake many people make, and don’t make any hasty decisions because they might end up hurting other people.

Talk to a friend

Talking to a friend you trust will make you feel better. A friend will also give you a shoulder to lean on.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Understand that no one is perfect; the reason why your partner cheated is not solely your fault. They simply cheated because they wanted to.

Wipe your tears and move on

You cannot dwell on the wrong things done to you. It is okay to cry, but let it go. If you hold on to negative feelings you will end up depressed. Do not waste your energy on someone who never valued you.

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Do not neglect yourself

Just because someone did not cherish you enough does not mean the right guy or girl will not come. Continue taking care of yourself; look at your best and with time, you will attract the right person.

Don’t do anything stupid

Being cheated is not easy, your heart often feels like it wants to explode due to pain inside, but remember to keep calm. Don’t expose your feelings to social media, you might regret it later.

Go for a medical check-up

Since you are not sure about how long your boyfriend or girlfriend has been cheating on you, having a test to rule out any STI or any other disease will be important. At first, it might be difficult to accept the need, but knowing your status is important more so if you have been intimate without using any protection.

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How to Know if Someone is Cheating on You

Today we look at how to know if someone is cheating on you. Having a cheating partner is very painful; it can drain you emotionally to the point where you fear committing to any other relationship. At times you can be in a situation where you are not sure whether your partner is truthful or not. In such a case, there are several ways to help you know if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating. However, even with these observations, unless you clearly get him or her with another person these signs may not clearly prove that your partner is cheating.

How to Know if Someone is Cheating on You

  1. Becoming very protective of the phones, laptops, or other communication devices by putting passwords he/she is not willing to share
  2. Carries his phone even when going to the bathroom
  3. Often put off the phone whenever you are together
  4. You can feel the emotional distance since you rarely share your feelings
  5. Often takes time to be alone or away claiming that he/she is tired
  6. Fails to give you the attention they gave when you were first dating
  7. Often Prefers to receive his/her phone away from you
  8. Reluctant to let you meet his/her friends
  9. Looks absent-minded even when you expressing yourself
  10. Start to forget your birthday or anniversary and fails to celebrate them for no apparent reason
  11. Starts to become too cautious of how they look, smell or wear
  12. The weekends away from town suddenly increase and you get no invitation or notification when they are traveling
  13. Starts to spend time with his/her ex, or they get constant calls from them
  14. Rarely calls you and when you do call them, they may not receive or will not bother to call back. Often they call back after a few hours giving excuses why they did not call back.

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How to Tell If He is having an Affair

Ladies, if your marriage is on the rocks and you suspect your husband is having an affair but he always denies it, several signs may help you know if he really seeing another woman. Relationships experts often advise that few people will openly admit to having an affair but since you have lived with him and know his habit you will know when things have gone out of hand. The process can be emotionally draining but if deep down your heart you feel he is cheating then you can look at the below tips on how to tell if he is having an affair.

  • If you share a bank account, he will often withdraw money without doing anything substantial
  • Although you feel the emotional distance between you, he will often come with gifts. These gifts could be a way of him to deal with his own guilty
  • He becomes easily angered and moody. This may have led to a constant fight that is based on minor issues
  • He starts comparing you to other women and makes you feel like there are standards you have not met.
  • Suddenly he has more business trips than before
  • Starts to come home late
  • Looks for any excuses to be away from home
  • Becomes anxious when receiving some calls and is very quick to cut short the conversation
  • Blames you for small mistakes done and will even blow things out of proportion to make you feel bad
  • Seems to tolerate the idea of other men having mistresses


By the time you are looking at ways of knowing if someone is cheating on you, chances are you doubting the kind of relationship you are having. Don’t take the risk to confirm your worries if you are not ready to accept the situation or know how to deal with pain. Even though you may not know what to do if someone cheats on you, it is always advisable you remain calm and don’t make any irrational decisions. Recently, cases of murder and crimes based on love gone sour have increased and this is the reason why it’s important to seek friend advice or counselor assistance once someone cheats on you.

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