When I Am Alone Messages, Poem & Quotes

When I Am Alone Messages: Being alone is not one of the best things in life. When you are alone, you not only feel sad, but you feel lonely.

These Alone messages, quotes and poem will inspire you when you are alone.

When I Am Alone Text Messages

1. When I am alone with you I can’t resist the temptation, to hold and kiss you.

2. When I am alone, I cannot stop thinking about you

3. When I am alone, I can only miss your company

4. When I am alone, I find peace within

5. It’s better to be alone, than being in a bad friendship.

6. Be happy, celebrate life with others, or be alone and lonely

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7. If you are lonely when you are with someone, then you are in the wrong place.

I Am Alone Messages

1. I learned how to be strong when I was alone

2. Standing alone is very easy, but takes courage to stand alone.

3. I restart my life when I am alone

4. When I am alone, I always know I will find a way to you.

5. The worst thing in life is being lonely, not ending up with the people you love.

Feeling Alone messages

1. There are times when I feel alone, and lonely. But I know it’s just for a season.

2. Feeling alone is better that being with people who do not treasure you.

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3. Being alone does not mean you are lonely. You are strong.

4. You may feel alone. But just know I will soon be with you.

5. No one knows what I felt when I’m alone.

6. Don’t say you are alone, for you are not alone. I will always be there for you.

When I Am Alone Poem

When I am alone
You give me strength
When I am alone
Your memories give me company

When I am lost
When I can’t find the way
Your love shows me the way

When everyone goes away
When the world turns against me
I know you are there for me
I am not alone

When I am alone
I know you will be there for me
You are my inspiration
The love of my life
I will cherish you for ever

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