You Are Heaven Sent Quotes, Messages & Poem

You Are Heaven Sent Quotes; Remind her or him what he or she is to your life. You are an angel sent from heaven quotes and you are heaven sent quotes are just perfect.

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You Are Heaven Sent Quotes

The best place to be is always with you. You bring joy and happiness into my heart. You are heaven-sent.

My love, you are heaven sent, you are so beautiful more like an angel. I love you.

Meeting you is a miracle, you make my life enjoyable. You are a precious gift sent from heaven.

You are so perfect, you must be heaven-sent.

I will never let you compromise who you are, for you are heaven-sent.

You are a blessing to me sent from heaven. I love you.

I find peace when I am with you. You are heaven-sent.

I have said again and again that you are heaven-sent. My feelings are so pure and strong, I can feel them. You are truly special.

There is something unique about you, so special that I can’t explain. My thoughts are always about you and I can’t stop yearning for your love. You are God Sent.

Oh my, you are so perfect. How can that be if you are not heaven-sent? You are blessed in every way. You are my heaven-sent. I love you.

You are the best place to go to at any time, I feel at home when I am with you. You are a heaven-sent angel. I love you.

No matter how long I am with you, I can’t be bored with you. You are like an angel sent from heaven. I love you.

Meeting you was a miracle; I was never intended to be at that place. It just happened that I was there. You are a precious gift sent from heaven. I love you!

They say I am the luckiest man on earth; truly I am because I have got an angel, you are heaven-sent.

Darling, you have no idea of how much I appreciate you, you are truly heaven sent.

God works in many Amazing Ways. I never thought I would ever meet an angel like you. My life has transformed because of you. You are heaven sent!

I am so honored and blessed to have someone heaven sent. I love you.

I have never doubted you are heaven sent; God has a purpose for you. I have personally been uplifted because of you.

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You Are My Heaven Quotes

You are a person like no other, easy to talk to. So loving and caring. You are my heaven.

You walked into my life and stole my heart. Now I cannot do without you, for you are my heaven.

I have waited for you for so many years, finally, you are here. I love you with all my heart. You are my heaven.

You have been the missing link in my life. Now you are my heaven here on earth.

If this is how it feels, then I never want to leave you. You are my heaven.

I thought I had fallen in love before until I met you. The way you make me feel is magical. You are my heaven.

You are so handsome my love; it is like you were sent from heaven. I love you.

When one finds love, he finds a good thing, you are God sent and I adore you.

Wow! You are so flawless, and perfect in every way.  You are heaven sent!

You are my comfort and inspiration; there is no one who makes me feel loved as you do. Truly you are my heaven-sent. I love you.

I could not have made it this far, if you were not in my life, you rescued me from my loneliness. You are heaven-sent my love.

Darling, I love you so much, words can’t express my feeling for you. You are an amazing inspiration to my heart. You are my heaven-sent and I will forever love you.

You Are an Angel Sent From Heaven Quotes

I don’t know how it happened, my life instantly changed the moment you walked into my life. You are an angel sent from heaven.

Look inside you, you are more than I ever dreamed of. You are an angel sent from heaven.

Never forget who you are, you are an angel sent from heaven.

Warmest wishes to the heaven-sent angel in my life. I love you.

My life has always been successful from the time I met you. You are my angel sent from heaven

You are so gentle and pure, so loving. I believe you are an angel sent from heaven.

You never cease to amaze me, what you do is incredible. You are surely heaven sent.

Honey, want you to know you are heaven-sent, without you, I would not be where I am today. I love you.

I prayed for happiness joy and peace and God gave me you. You are heaven-sent.

I have been waiting for the queen of my heart; finally, here you are my love. I will forever treasure you. You are the love of my life, Heavenly sent.

May God bless you abundantly, and may all your dreams come true as you are heaven-sent.

You Are My Heaven Sent Angel Poem

What I feel for you is so real
I’m in love with you
I can’t explain this feeling I have for you
You are my heaven-sent angel

I prayed for heaven to send me a love
I searched my soul
I finally met you
You are my heaven-sent angel

Your kindness and love
Is so amazing
You have shown me what love means
I can feel alive again

In times of difficulty
I know I can count on you
You are always there for me
You make my low moments go away

The look of your eyes
The sound of your voice
Your smile, tells me
You are my heaven-sent angel

Sent From Heaven

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