You Are My Heart Desire

You Are My Heart Desire Poem

You are my heart desire
So deep as the sea
My soul longs for your love
You alone is all I need

You are my strength
You give me a purpose to live
Everything I do
I do it for you

You are my heart’s desire
The one I want to be with
Spend all the days of my life with
I love you more than anything

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You are my heart desire
You bring happiness to my life
Only you can satisfy me
You’re all I need

Your love erased all my fears
Now I have fallen in love
You are so special in my heart
You are my heart desire

I Will Always Desire You Poem

My love for you will never fade
You are the queen of my heart
You stole it long time ago
I will always desire you

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Love is not one way
Two have to come together
Love is a strong feeling
I strongly feel it for you

Every time, I think of you
My thoughts are about you
You give me the hope I need
I will always desire you

Your beauty is out of this world
Your smile melts my heart
Oh! I can’t resist the love
I will always desire you

I am attracted to you
You are everything I want
You are my dream come true
I love you so much

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