You Are My One In A Million

Sometimes we can search the world
Every corner of the world and not find our desires
There are millions and millions of people
But you are my one in a million

You can meet many people
See all kind of characters
But there is only one who makes my heart beat faster
You are my one in a million

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I have been searching for that special one
Someone to love and cherish
Until I found you, I dint know what it meant to love
You are one in a million

There is something about you
It keeps me wanting more and more of you
When you are far apart
I feel like there is a hole in my heart

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When I am around you
I feel inspired
You are my inspiration and strength
You are my one in a million

My love, you are one in a million,
You are the one I love
You are second to none
You are my one in a million



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