You Will Be Mine Forever

You are so special to me
How beautiful you are
Words cannot express my feelings for you
You will be mine forever

You make me feel alright
My heart yearns for love
Love is such a powerful thing
You will be mine forever

People say you are mine
I know I will never leave you
I will always be there for you
You make me feel so right

Love is the air
Let me hold you tonight
Touch you the way you want
Let me be yours forever

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I know you feel the same
You fill my world with love
You are the one who makes my heart run
You will be mine forever

Forever you will be mine
You complete my life
I want you forever, to be next to me
You will be mine forever

You Are Mine Forever Poem

My love for you is like a rock
It cannot change
It cannot die
As you are mine forever

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My love for you
Remains the same
No matter which storm comes our way
I will always love you

I want to build my castle
I want to build my life around you
I want build my love with you
You are mine forever

Oh! You are my angel
Sent from heaven
I will cherish and treasure you
I will love you till the end of time

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