25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Quotes

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Quotes

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes : It is always a blessing to be married for 25 years. As a couple you have undergone many sacrifices and challenges through the 25 years of living together.

If you know someone who is celebrating silver jubilee of married life it is always good to join them by sending 25th anniversary wishes.

In this article we have written 25 year anniversary quotes, wishes, messages and greetings that you can share with someone celebrating 25th wedding anniversary.

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

1. Your married life is a true testimony of love. It’s been a long journey and you are still together. I wish you a happy 25th anniversary.

2. It’s always difficult to hold on to each other especially in times of difficulty. You have come this far because of the love and trust you have for each other. Wishing you a 25th happy anniversary.

3. May this day be filled with joy, fun and happiness, have an awesome 25th wedding anniversary.

4. I now believe true love exists. 25 years is not a short period. Happy 25th wedding anniversary

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5. I wish you a happy 25th wedding anniversary. May God continue blessing you and give more years together

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

1. It’s so wonderful to see a blessed couple like you, Be blessed and wish you a happy 25th anniversary

2. You are a true inspiration; being married for 25 years is no joke. I wish you a happy 25th anniversary

3. I have never seen a couple who are still romantic even after all these years of marriage. May you have more years to celebrate together, happy 25th anniversary!

4. May these twenty five years of your married life be an inspiration to many, Happy 25th anniversary!

5. Congratulations for discovering the secret in life, the secret of a happy marriage. Happy 25th anniversary.

25 Year Anniversary Quotes

1. It takes just a second to fall in love but a lifetime to prove you were truly meant for each other. Happy silver anniversary

2. Lovely Couples like you need to start a TV show so that people can see how true love rally looks like. Happy 25 Year Anniversary

3. There are very few happy couples like you in the world. You are a true definition of love and loyalty. Happy 25 Year Anniversary

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4. Everyone can make promises; few people can keep them forever. You have all kept yours. Happy anniversary.

5. Love sometimes fades away; but you have showed it can be nurtured. Congratulations for a happy married life. Happy anniversary.

25th Anniversary Quotes

1. I wish you all the happiness you can find in this world in this special occasion of your married life. Happy 25th Anniversary

2. To such a beautiful and romantic couple. May God always be with you! Happy 25th Anniversary

3. The most beautiful thing is when love lasts forever. I wish you a happy 25th anniversary.

4. Though there might be challenges. So many things you have accomplished together for the 25 years of marriage! Happy wedding anniversary!

5. I have always known you as the best couples ever. Best wishes on your 25th anniversary!

25th Anniversary Wishes

1. Your twenty five year happy marriage is proof that people can stay together without the love fading away. Happy 25th anniversary

2. Today is the day to be romantic, but for 25 years of your marriage, that is true love. Happy anniversary.

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3. Being together for twenty five years is a long time. No wonder people say you look alike. Happy anniversary.

4. You were truly meant to be together for life. This is just a fraction of that time. Happy 25th anniversary

5. From the first day you met, you have known happiness. It’s now 25 years and you look like you have just met. Happy wedding anniversary!

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