You Are So Beautiful Poem

You Are So Beautiful Poem is a poem that tells her how beautiful she is.

You are so beautiful
You are everything I need
You are my true love
You are everything I ever dreamed for
You are my sunshine
You are my angel
The one who makes my heart skip
You are so beautiful

When I look into your eyes
I can see your heart
So pure and caring
You are everything I desire

I am glad I met you
You are so beautiful
Oh! Your beauty,
Words cannot describe

Your love is all I want
You are the angel to my heart
Your smile makes my day happy
Oh my love, you are so beautiful

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You are beautiful my love.

How Beautiful You Are Poem

How Beautiful You Are
The feeling is so strong
I can’t let it go
The first time our eyes met
I could not resist
You had stolen my heart

Words can’t explain
No matter how hard I try
Still can’t believe, I met you
How beautiful you are
You are like a rose
A thousand of a kind

Your words and smiles
Holds me close to you like glue
Your warm touch
Tells it all

You know you are my only love
You are the apple of my eye
You are all my desire
You have all I need
How Beautiful You Are

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You Are So Lovely Poem

Darling, you are so lovely
You give me the reason to live
You give me strength
With you I find love

I have searched for a lifetime
I found one perfect thing
The love of my life
You are the love of my life

No one’s ever touched me
The way you do
I have never felt this way
You are so lovely

Your kiss, your smile
Oh! My dear, so lovely,
It takes me out of this world
You are so lovely

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My heart and soul is all yours
You give me joy and happiness
You have shown me the way
You are so lovely, my dear
I love you

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