Funny Easter Wishes, Messages, Greetings and Quotes

Funny Easter Wishes, Messages, Greetings and Quotes

Funny Easter Wishes: Easter period to many people is a joyous occasion that gives them a reason to be happy. It’s time to enjoy the fun, send your friend or family these funny Easter messages. Make them smile and their day memorable.

Below are some funny Easter wishes you can use:

Funny Easter Wishes

1. I know how much you love Easter, as it is chocolate time! May you have fun destroying those delicious eggs.

2. Happy Easter! This is the day you can put all your gets in one basket and be forgiven

3. Beware of the Easter bunny! It comes with a lot of tasty calories and fun time with family.

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4. Hope you survive or resurrect from the chocolate time you are about to take. Happy Easter!

5. I have a very big chocolate for you, come and get it, though you have to find it.

6. Happy Easter friend, Hope you enjoy all the eggs you collect.

7. Happy Easter my friend! Can I come over and assist you to get rid of those eggshells?

Funny Easter Messages

1. I love Easter because it’s a time you can as many chocolates as your hand can get hold of

2. My chocolate bunny is larger than your chocolate bunny. Wish you a Happy Easter.

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3. I am just surprised how the Easter Bunny can lay all of those colorful eggs. Wish you a Happy Easter!

4. Happy Easter! I think my bunny loves you!

5. Let happy thoughts multiply like bunny. Happy Easter!

6. May the joy of this Easter fill your heart and the rest of the year! Happy Easter!

7. Here’s to adding your weight with chocolate on Easter morning! Happy Easter, darling!

8. Why did the Easter Bunny runaway, because the chicken was chasing him.

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