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Happy Easter Wishes and Messages: Searching for Easter messages, then you found them right here. Select and send a happy Easter wish that best suits the occasion.

Easter is a time of coming closer to God, a time to rejoice and remember the victory of Jesus Christ over death.
Jesus Died on a Friday and rose on Easter Sunday. He washed all our sins, if we repent and confess our sins; we are saved through his Name.

The Easter period has become a day where people exchange happy Easter wishes and greeting cards. Today we are going to look at Easter Messages, wishes, and Greetings that you can write and send to someone you know.

Happy Easter Wishes

1. May you renew your faith in Jesus Christ, I wish you a happy Easter

2. Joining you in gratefulness for Christ’s sacrifice and the wonderful renewal it brings to our life this Easter season

3. Happy Easter to you and your family as we celebrate the greatest sacrifice that God made through his Son, Jesus Christ for us to be saved. Have a blessed Easter.

4. A time to thank God and praise His name for everything He has done to us. Happy Easter!

5. All we have to do is to accept Jesus Christ into our life, follow His footsteps and our worries will be solved. Wish you a Blessed and Meaningful Easter.

6. A beautiful day, birds chirping, the sun shining best for relaxing. Happy Easter!

7. May your Friday be smooth, your Saturday and Easter Sunday full of love and Hope, Wish you a happy Easter!

8. This time of joy, let’s praise God and be thankful to Him. He is a wonderful God. Happy Easter!

9. Christ has risen, allow his love to grow and bear fruit in you. Happy Easter!

10. It’s another season to celebrate, be thankful, and be grateful for the resurrection of Jesus Christ our savior. Wish you a happy Easter!

11. Spread the love, peace, and Joy this Easter season. May you lead someone to Christ!

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Happy Easter Messages

1. Let’s be thankful for Jesus Christ has given us another chance to become his children. His death was not in pain. Wish you a Happy Easter!

2. May you celebrate Easter with a heart full of love and peace! Wish you a blessed and wonderful Easter!

3. Christ has overcome death, Praise his name. May the miracle of Easter bring you renewed faith, hope, love, and happiness!

4. Easter renews our faith and hope in Jesus Christ. It’s a time of freshness. Happy Easter to you and your family!

5. Easter showers us with God’s Endless Blessings, Wish you a Happy Easter!

6. Easter fills our hearts with hope, love, and warmth. Hope your heart will be filled with His love. Happy Easter!

7. May joy fill your day, hope light your path and your Easter be filled with God’s Blessings

8. Let’s praise and worship God, for He has delivered us from our evil path

9. Lift your voice, sing, and praise him. Claim his promises for he has given us hope and a second chance.

10. Be different this Easter, share God’s joy and love to all who are in need.

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Happy Easter

1. The greatest gift to mankind is Jesus Christ; He came and died for our sins so that we can be saved. Let’s praise and thank Him. Happy Easter!

2. Let’s praise the Lord, Jesus Christ died for our sins. For us to be saved! Happy Easter!

3. This Easter, may you realize your purpose in life! Happy Easter!

4. Give your life to Jesus Christ, let him take control and your life will never be the same.

5. Every year, we celebrate Easter; it brings refreshing to our hearts. Praise God! Happy Easter.

6. May the fruits of Jesus Christ manifest within you and spread his love. Happy Easter to you!

7. Happy Easter! Open your heart, allows God to enter and shine in your life.

8. Humble before God; Let him be your guide and protector. Happy Easter!

9. May you have a joyous and blessed Easter!

10. May your Easter day be filled with love, may it be memorable and happy! Happy Easter.

Happy Easter Wishes Messages

1. This Easter, I pray for the Lord to bless you with steady faith and eternal happiness!

2. Wishing you success, good health, longevity, and peace this Easter! Happy Easter

3. May you always be healthy, happy, and peaceful within! Receive lots of best wishes for Easter!

4. Happy Easter! May God’s love be with you!

5. May this Easter be the best in your life. Happy Easter!

Praise the Lord for he has risen from the dead. He has overcome everything. He has power over the dead. Truly He is the living God. Happy Easter to you!

May peace and God’s blessings be unto you. May He renew your strength and give you new hope in life. Happy Easter!

Be attentive and keen; be ready for He will be blessing His people any time. Don’t be left out. Happy Easter!

Easter is the reminder of God’s love for us. He has the power to save. Have a blessed Easter!

He has resurrected, He has the power to save. May you be blessed abundantly this Easter!

Do not thirst for Christ will quench your thirst. He sacrificed himself for all mankind to be saved. Happy Easter!

Worry no more for all your problems will be solved by the one who has power over the dead. Christ has risen and I wish you a Happy Easter!

Jesus died on the cross to save someone so sinful like you and me. He is a merciful God. Give praise and thank him for everything He has done in your life. Happy Easter!

You don’t know the hour or time when He will come. Be ready at all times for you don’t know the hour. Happy Easter!

He has risen and gone to prepare a place for us. He is coming back soon. Happy Easter!

While you celebrate this Easter, make sure that the Lord lives in your hearts. Have a blessed Easter!

Always be active in the garden of the Lord, always renew your faith. Have a Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Wishes Images

Happy Easter Wishes Images: As you celebrate or take your family for a holiday this weekend, it’s good to send Easter wishes with images and pictures!

If there is someone close to you and they are far away and you would like to wish them a happy Easter, send them Happy Easter Wishes Images.

These Happy Easter Images have been collected specifically for you.


Happy Easter Wishes Images
Happy Easter Wishes Images


Happy Easter Images
Happy Easter Images

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Happy Easter Images

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Beautiful Easter Pictures

Beautiful Happy Easter Pictures

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Free Happy Easter Images

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Happy Easter Pictures

Happy Easter Pictures

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