Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes – Messages & Quotes

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes: An 18th birthday is a very big occasion, in many countries when one turns 18, they are considered to be an adult. They are now grown ups and can make their own decisions. You can get and do many things that those under 18 cannot do.

If you are searching for 18th birthday wishes, Happy 18th Birthday Messages or Happy 18th Birthday Quotes to send to someone you know is turning 18 you are on the right page.

Today we are going to look at 18th Birthday Wishes, you can send the message as it is or modify to fit into the occasion. These messages will inspire you to write your own unique Happy 18th Birthday Wishes.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

1. Now that you are turning 18, you are responsible for making your own decisions though your parents will still be watching over you. I wish you a happy 18th birthday.

2. 18th birthday is a year to stop making mistakes in life. Unfortunately they never stop there. Wish you happy 18th birthday!

3. Happy birthday my dear friend, may you enjoy the sweet eighteen birthday. Wish you best of luck in life.

4. Turning 18 does not mean we stop becoming your friends; we are also on the way. Congratulations on becoming 18. We wish you a Happy 18th birthday!

5. It’s a new year, a new beginning, Happy 18th birthday! May you blow 1001 candles!

6. May your dreams come true as you turn 18 and may your future be always bright! I wish you a happy 18th birthday!

7. Today is the start of a new beginning, taking charge of your life and future. Wish you a happy 18th birthday!

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8. It has been a blessing having you in my life, on this special day in your life I want to congratulate you for turning 18. Happy 18th birthday!

9. Congratulations for turning 18, you are now an adult. It’s time to prove you are now an adult. Happy 18th birthday!

10. It’s time for you to take responsibilities and prove to be an adult. Happy 18th birthday!

11. Just the other day, we used to hold you in our arms, now you are becoming an adult. Congratulations for becoming an adult. Happy 18th birthday!

12. Maturity comes with time, age does not make you mature. Congratulations on turning 18. I wish you 18th happy birthday!

13. Time to choose a path, the path you choose today will determine your future. Wish you a happy 18th birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday Messages

1. Finally what you do will define you, it will tell what people think about you. Have a wonderful birthday. Happy 18th birthday!

2. Welcome to the world of adults, here you shape your destiny. Happy 18th birthday!

3. Welcome to adulthood, you might be excited for a few weeks but finally it will hit you. You are finally an adult. The world is in your hands. Happy18 birthday!

4. Best of luck to the new found happiness. Hope it will last longer before you are hit with responsibilities. Happy birthday!

5. It does not matter how older you become, you will always remain to be my friend, Congratulations on turning eighteen. Wish you a happy birthday!

6. The day you have been waiting for is finally here, a day to celebrate, and have fund. Welcome to adulthood. Wish you a Happy 18th birthday!

7. Enjoy your new found freedom; you can now do anything you want. Happy 18th birthday!

8. The day to start having more fun is finally here, not forgetting more responsibilities and duties. Wish you a joyful 18th birthday!

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9. Enjoy this special day in your life, may happiness and joy come your way. I wish you a happy future. Happy birthday!

10. You have been given the key to do anything you wish. Enjoy your freedom and Congratulations on your 18th birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday Quotes

1. The older you are, the wiser you become. Happy 18 Birthday!

2. The older you grow, the more beautiful you become. Happy 18th Birthday!

3. Today is a start of a new chapter in your life, you feel younger and yet older. Happy 18th Birthday!

4. You can’t stop the clock, life must always move forward. Happy 18th Birthday

5. The best thing about life is that you don’t lose the other years as you get older. Happy 18th Birthday

Turning 18 Birthday Quotes

1. It feels awesome turning 18; it’s a blessing to have a friend like you. Happy birthday!

2. You will soon realize that it’s not the years that count, but the life in your years. Happy birthday!

3. You are now an adult; don’t let pride come over you and you will have the happiest life ever. Happy birthday!

4. The older you become, the more beautiful life becomes. Happy 18th birthday!

5. Don’t worry too much and don’t take yourself too seriously just because you turned 18. Happy 18th birthday!

6. It’s never too late to set a new goal, you have just started one today. Happy 18th birthday!

7. How lucky are you, today you will be an adult and at the same time a teenager. Happy 18th birthday!

Birthday messages for 18th birthday

1. Don’t miss the excitement; it only comes once in a lifetime. Have fun and enjoy to the fullest. It’s time to experience life. Happy 18th birthday

2. As you turn 18, my advice is to take life easy, take one step at a time and make wise decisions.

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3. You are no longer a child, Happy 18th Birthday and welcome to adulthood

4. We are all excited to welcome you to adulthood. Happy Birthday!

5. The years ahead are truly exciting. Congratulations on this special day in your life. Happy 18th Birthday

Birthday wishes for 18th birthday

1. May you never lack happiness and happiness in life! Wish you a Happy 18th Birthday!

2. Enjoy the last days of teenage before jumping into the deep of adulthood, wishing you a joyous 18th birthday!

3. Welcome to adulthood, I will not promise it will be a smooth journey. Happy 18th Birthday!

4. May your future be as bright as you! Happy 18th Birthday!

5. May your birthday very colorful. Have some fun; wish you a Happy 18th Birthday!

6. This is the beginning of better things to come in life, only if you work for them. Happy 18th Birthday!

7. From here onwards you are on your own, make the right choices. Happy 18th bday!

8. A journey that starts well ends well. Happy 18th Birthday!

Use these happy 18th birthday wishes, messages and Quotes to send to someone who is turning 18.  Celebrate their 18th birthday.

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