Message for Someone Special in My Life

Looking for a message for someone special in my life? Want to show your lover how romantic you can be? There is always someone who has stolen our heart, someone so dear to our heart. It’s time to let Him or her know what they are in your life.

Send them a special romantic message. Let them know how you feel and how affectionate you are.

Love Messages for Someone Special in Your Life

Below are some Love messages for someone special in your life.

1.    You are that special person in my life who brightens my day; my future is very bright with you. I love you.

2.    I am glad I met you, thank you for choosing me to be part of your life.

3.    Remember the day I met you and we became great friends. The friendship has grown and continues to grow. The moments we have shared are memorable

4.    You are an amazing person, you always know what to say when I am down, you make me laugh and uplift my spirits. I love you.

Short Message for Someone Special

5.    My sweetheart, I have missed you so much. Can’t wait to meet you.

6. I am thankful to God for every second that I spend with you; you are everything that makes me smile. You are my dream come true. I love you, sweetheart.

7. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see a better tomorrow together. I am blessed to have you in my life and I love you so much

8. There is nothing as beautiful waking up every morning to your shining smile. I love you dearly.

9. This lovely day, I want to beside you, hold your hands as we have a lovely nature walk. I love you.

Special Person in my Life Messages

Find a special person in my life messages and send him/her to uplift their day.

1.    You are my jewel. Your kiss takes my breath away. My love for you is endless.

2.    When I look at you, I can’t stop thinking about you; I wish to spend my future with you and bring a family together.

3.    Darling, thank you for loving me for whom I am, I am grateful you came into my life. I have longed to be yours forever. I love you.

4.    I may not be the ideal guy for you, but I am willing to be yours and stay by your side always. I love you.

Special Person in my Life Messages

5.  We might be miles apart, though you are always in my heart. My thoughts are always filled with your memories. I miss you.

6.   You are the queen of my heart, you are the one I love and will always cherish for the rest of my life.

Message for Someone You Love

1. In a crowd of people, I can only see you

2. You are my heart’s desire; I will love you for the rest of my life.

Message for Someone You Love

3. You are my life, without you, my life is meaningless.

4. When you are away, my heart longs for your love, when you are in my arms, I feel relaxed and don’t want to let you go. I love you.

5. It’s only my heart that understands how you make me feel. I love you so much

6. I would travel a thousand miles to make you happy, you are part of my heart. I love you.

7. My wish came true when I found you. You are special to my heart. I love you, sweetheart.

You Are Special To Me

8. Loving you makes my moments memorable and happy. I can’t stop loving you.

9. I never knew love exists, until I met you. You are such a caring person. I love you.

Short Message for Someone Special

1. You bring joy to my life

2. I am glad I met you; my life has changed for the better

3. There is only one thing I want in life, to be with you forever.

4. I can’t imagine life without you

5. You are my charm, everything I ever want in life. Love you.

You Are Special To Me Messages

1. To my heart, you are very special. A day cannot pass without thinking about you.

2. When I see you, I cannot hide my feelings; you are so special to me.

3. A special morning, a special day comes with good things in life. You are the special one in my life. I love you.

4. My silence does not mean I don’t care; you are the one that my heart desires.

You Are My Special One

5. How I wish you could be my heart so you could feel how much you mean to me

Message to Someone Special

1. You have always loved me for who I am and made me special. Thank you, sweetheart, for being a part of my life.

2. My wish came true the first time I set my eyes on you. I no longer need to wish each time I see a falling star.

3. You are have made me the luckiest person on earth, as I have the most beautiful lady in my life. I love you so dearly.

4. Your smiles take my breath away. Your kiss knocks me off my feet, blessed to have you in my life. I love you.

You Are My Special One Poem

Darling, you are my special one
You are so sweet and caring
You are so cute
I am glad I met you

I can’t imagine my life without you
I can’t regret finding you
No one can ever replace you
As I can never find someone as amazing as you

You are my special one
The one who holds my heart
You are the one whom my heart loves
You are the one whom heart yearns for

I love you so much
More than anything in this world
My love for you stretches to the stars
You are my special one

You are the one who keeps me alive
When I hold you
I don’t feel like letting you go
Your tender warm body is what I want

From the bottom of my heart
I want you to know
You are my special one
I will forever love and cherish you.

You Are So Special Poem

The first time I saw you
When you smiled
I was instantly attracted to you
You are so special to me

I feel so blessed
To have you as part of my life
You give me joy
You are so special to me

You are always in my heart.
When I am weak, you give me strength
When I cry
You give me a shoulder to lean on

You brighten my days
You light up my life
I know, there is someone there for me
You love me the way I am

If it wasn’t you
I could not be where I am
I could not have accomplished this much
You are so special

I pray to grow old with you
To spend the rest of my days with you
To celebrate the good times together and overcome the bad times
You are so special

You are special to me Poem

My love, you are the one I’ve waited for
You are my dreams
You are the one that I adore
You are special to me

Before you came into my life
I had no hope
My future was uncertain
Now I can see what I need in life

You have changed my life
I can dream again
My heart is all yours
You are special to me

Times of being lonely is long gone
Every day you fill my thoughts
My future is built around you
I want to spend my life with you

You are my heart desire
I will always be there for you
You are my dream come true
You are special to me

You are special Poem

You are special to me
When I am around you
I feel warm and happy
My body burns with passion

A second cannot pass
Without thinking about you
You are always in my thoughts
There is no one like you

When I remember
The moments we share
The fun and thrills, smiles and joy
I know you are special

No one has ever done this to me
Showered me with love and gifts
None compared to you.
You are special

Your touch on my body
Makes my heartbeat for you
Your shelter of love is where I want to be
You are special in my life

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