Signs of a Good Wife Material – How to Know If She Is a Wife Material

Signs of a Good Wife Material: Have you been dating that beautiful girl and you are now ready to settle down?  Are you sure she is the one or you are hesitant not knowing if she is the person you are willing to spend the rest of your life with? Often you have been wondering how to know if she is the wife you want.

It’s never wrong to be hesitant because marriage is a lifetime thing that should not be rushed into. However, even with the need to be cautious, no one can even be a hundred percent sure of the future.

How to Know If She Is a Wife Material – Signs of a Good Wife Material

Below are some points that will help you to know if she is wife material.

How to Know If She Is a Wife Material

Knows how to cook

Every girl who wants to have her home will want to learn how to cook. This does not necessarily mean she will prepare a chef’s replica. However, she should be able to prepare simple meals. If every time she prefers eating out or making orders then you have to literally engage her to see if she can cook. Cooking may look simple but to some women, it’s a task they have never done. If she loves you she will want you to enjoy her meal even if it’s just a simple meal. If for some reason she does not know how to cook she should be willing to learn or make that effort to do so. Guys note that if you show her that it’s okay not to learn to cook even after marriage she will not change. The whole cooking will be a task for the house help.

Can be able manage house chores

Today women are educated and empowered, so many have a feeling they should not do any housework. A good woman should be the manager of her house. A man should watch out if as a single lady she cannot manage simple house chores of keeping her house clean, washing the dishes, or making her bed.

Know the boundaries with the opposite sex.

Another way on How to know if she is wife material is should know her boundaries with her male friends. Having male friends is not wrong, but if every time she is out drinking with them and having a sleepover in their apartments, then guys you should be careful. A wise woman should be able to draw the line. If you marry her you don’t want to disagree with her on the road trips she could plan with her male friends. Every time she meets her male friends you don’t want her to be jumping into their arms for the long-pressed hugs

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Gets along with other people

A girl who is in constant fights with other people will bring conflicts to your life. She will probably not get along with most of your friends and relatives. Women can be great homemakers if they know how to accommodate others to some extent. If she can only accommodate you, then you will have to be prepared to live with constant conflicts.

Possess some level of independence and emotional stability.

Independence in this case does not necessarily amount to finances. A good woman should have the self-confidence to independently make some decisions. She should be emotionally stable to some level.

No specific formulae can be used to know if she is a wife material but depending on preference, one can develop a simple checklist and know what they can tolerate and what they cannot. For instance, there are men whose first priority of knowing if she is a wife material is based on her religion.

Logical Thinker

When looking for signs of a good wife material, you are not only looking for a woman who will complete you but also challenge you. The last thing you would want is a woman who is just there, a woman who just follows everything without even thinking. You don’t need a sycophant in your life. A Good Wife Material should be able to understand your weakness and strengths and use them to make you a better man. As much as there is no one perfect, she should be able to reason before taking any actions.

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God Fearing

If you want to know if she possesses signs of a wife material, she should be at least God-fearing. She may not be active in church but as wife material, she should be religious. Everyone wants their children to be raised in a Godly manner and that’s why you usually find most guys going to church to look for a wife.

Surprises you

This is another way how to know a wife material. If your girlfriend surprises you from time to time, it shows you that on her mind. It shows that she normally thinks about you and there is something about you that attracts you to him. It also shows that your relationship will thrive and be full of surprises.

Gives you freedom

Another sign of a good wife is when your woman gives you the freedom that you need. She does not nag you all the time. She lets you enjoy your freedom when it is necessary. She understands how much you need your friends. She does not cut you from the outside world.

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She supports you

Another sign she is wife material is when she supports you when you are in need. This shows how much she is committed. She is ready to do anything for the relationship to grow. If she wasn’t ready, in time of need she would run away.

Even when you are feeling low, she will be there to support you. When you lose your job, she will not run away instead she will help you find a job.


There are many other Signs of a Good Wife Material, depending on what one likes. Hope the above points will help you select a wife material.

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