My Life Is Empty Without You –  Quotes, Messages & Poems

My Life Is Empty Without You – Quotes, Messages & Poems

My Life Is Empty Without You: There are days when you feel empty, when that special person in your life is far away, not near you or when there is a misunderstanding between the two of you.

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My Life Is Empty Without You Quotes

1. Being away from you makes me feel lonely and empty. Darling, My Life is Empty without You

2. Without you in my life, I feel so empty.

3. Sweetheart, My Life Is Empty Without You. I cannot imagine my future without you.

4. There is a mountain of silence between us, this silence is killing me. Life is empty without you my love.

5. Your memories are all I am left with, I don’t feel like am at home anymore because my life is empty without you.

6. When my thoughts wonder, they always find a way to you, without you my life is empty.


7. No matter how powerful I am, no matter how successful I am, life is empty without you.

8. If you had not come into my life, my life would be empty without you. That’s why you are a jewel to my heart.

9. When you travel, when we are not around me, I feel empty without you

10. I can’t even imagine a life without you; it is something impossible to phantom. You make me complete and I dearly love you.

11. I love you dearly. I see my happiness and joy in you, you are my world. Without you life is meaningless.

12. A day in my life without you, feels like a year without you.

13. I have poured my heart out to you and now I am empty without you.

My Life Is Meaningless Without You Quotes

1. If you decided to leave, my life would be meaningless without you because you are the pillar of my life, my inspiration and everything in life.

2. Nothing makes sense; everything is meaningless to me without you in my life.

3. Honey, every breath I take, it’s prove that I can’t live without you. Life is meaningless and empty without you.

4. Without you, my life would be meaningless and empty. You are the source of my happiness, my sunshine and whole world.

5. Your beauty brightens my day; your smile gives me the satisfaction knowing you are happy. Life without you is meaningless and not worthy fighting for.

6. You are the missing lib in my life, life is meaningless without you.

7. Baby, without you by my side, life is completely empty and meaningless.

8. Without you, my life would be meaningless and empty.

My Life Is Empty Without You Poem

Since you left
My life is empty without you
I can take anything else
But this breakup is killing me

I have tried
To move on
But this breakup is driving me crazy
Baby, I need you

My nights are longer without you
My life is darker without you
My heart has no joy without you
Without you, my life is empty

I can’t see
Anything good in life
Without you in my life
Life has become meaningless

I am trying hard
To survive in life
Every day things are becoming unbearable
I need you in my life
I can’t live without you

My Life without You Poem

My life without you
Is like a blank book
With no words
You can’t read

My life without you
Is like a colorless rainbow
A beach without sand
A starless night

Life without you is like
A river with no water
A forest with no trees
I can’t do without you
You are everything to me

My life without you
Is meaningless
No one to hold, talk to
Nor give a shoulder

Life is impossible without you Poem

My dear, life is impossible without you
For you my heart yearns
To hold and kiss you
To touch you

My heart is only for you
I wake up everyday
To the tune of your love
Without you, Life is impossible

You are the source of my happiness
Your love cannot be found anywhere else
You are the queen of heart
Life is impossible without you

My love, I love you so much
You are all that matters to me
When everything is gone
You are the one left standing with me

If I would spend my life without you
I don’t know how it would be
I would be lost and confused
My life would have no direction
Life is impossible without you

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