Thank You Message for Parents – Thank You Mom and Dad

Thank You Message for Parents: Have you ever taken the time to send a thank you message to your parents? Our mothers and fathers are very important people in our lives. From the time we are born they support us in all the ways they can. They make sacrifices and offer love that cannot be found anywhere else.

A simple thank you message to your parents could help you show your appreciation to them. Many people forget to show appreciation to their parents; they simply take everything for granted. Many parents take their roles seriously and they do so expecting nothing in return. However, when you take the time to just appreciate what they have done for you; their heart will be filled with joy.

Parent’s love is limitless, so find the time and show your appreciation. Do whatever you can to put a smile on their face. Send them birthday gifts, anniversary cards, and even thanksgiving cards.

If you have no ideas what kind of message to send to your mum and dad have a look at the following wonderful thank you message for parents

Thank You Message for Parents

Thank you mom and dad for the love. Today I look at my life and realize that I achieved great things because of your prayers and good counsel. I have seen the importance of having parents who believed in me before even I knew my own goals.

Your good actions and word are forever engraved in my heart. I may be far away from you but it’s the thought of your love and support that keeps me going when the times become tough, Thank you.

Cheers to the greatest parents on earth. To a mom who would do anything to ensure I was comfortable and to a dad who did everything to provide the best he could, I will forever cherish you.

Growing up you took the time to care, in my memory I have the loveliest memory of the time we shared together. I appreciate all you have done for me, thank you.

Thank you, mom and dad, for growing up you taught me the value of respecting people, as a grown-up, I have come to live a more fulfilling life, based on the value I see in people rather than the things they have. I am grateful.

“Always believe in God and the sky is the limit”, these are the words I learned from you and I have come to hold on to them, even when the going gets tough. Thank you for giving me a good footing in life.

The love you have shown me is great, so great that I will forever aim to show the same love to my children. Thanks, mom and dad for being great parents.

Thank you mom and dad for the sacrifices you gave up with the intention of becoming good parents. I appreciate every moment.

We appreciate the love you showed us; you loved every one of us uniquely and equally. In your eyes we were all special, thank you, parents.

Thanks, mum and dad, from the beginning you taught me how valuable I am. You showed me the values that have directed me to the right choices. There is no way I can ever repay you but I am honored.

You had the opportunity to give us all we wanted but you decided to deny all the things you felt would not benefit us. Although at the time we never saw the sense of it, today looking back we know that it was all for our good. Thanks to you my dear parents.

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Thank You Mom and Dad

Every day I choose to be happy no matter what I am going through, this is because I always saw you happy. Having you as my parents is one of the greatest joys. Thanks, mom, and dad.

Parents are a gift from God, special people whom God uses to show us His love. Thank you for being a good role model.

Mum and dad thank you so much, all I am and hope to be is all shaped by your good guidance. Forever indebted

Your word and virtues will always be part of the deeper voice in me, giving me the guidance I need. I love you with all my heart, thanks mom and dad for everything.

Since I became a parent, I now know what it means to be one. Looking back at my life I can see clearly all the sacrifices you had to give up to give me a good life. I am so grateful and may you live long

No matter the wave that comes my way I know that I will always have you by my side. Thanks, mum and dad for always giving me a shoulder to lean on.

In a world where people give love with conditions, deep inside I have all the time knowing that your love for me is unconditional. Thank you, mom and dad.

Growing up I often complained about what I did not have, but now I see all that I got is all you had. Thanks so much for understanding me and not pushing me when I became rebellious

It’s only a parent’s love that we can be assured of. If we become successful they rejoice with us, when things do not go as expected they will still be there, thanks so much, mom and dad.

I’m thankful for being born into this family. You have truly shaped my destiny and always encouraged me to do my best. Thank you for everything mom and dad.

Thank you mom and dad for everything! I really appreciate your love, support, and care.

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Thank You Note to Parents

Dear loved mum and dad, my love for you is immeasurable. I am thankful for the effort and love you have given and continued to give.

They say I am lucky to have great parents, but I tell them it’s not just luck but blessings from God. Love you so much, my wonderful parent

From love, I get from you
I can tell I was born to the most adorable parents
Nothing can be more fulfilling
Thanks, dad and mom.

Mom and dad…
To me, you are a parent, teacher, counselor, and mentor
When I come to you in need
You know how to best fit in these roles
I can only extend my gratitude to you.

A moment of respect to the most adorable parents in the world
To the most beautiful mom- thank you for giving a good smile
To you dad- cheers for being my anchor when floods are ranging
Without you in my world
I would have turned out to be a different person.

I love you beyond what any word can describe.
Beyond what my actions can show
And beyond what my hands can give
Thank you for being excellent parents.

It’s not the college that I went to that made me who I am today
Neither the good dreams that I had
Nor the friends who stood by me
I am what I am today because of my parents
I am grateful for their prayers.

Thank you, mom and dad
You are a special gift sent to me by God
A gift I got freely from heaven
And I am so proud of you.


Take time and send a thank you message to your mom and dad. Do it when you can, this will create a warm feeling in their heart. They will look at you and see a child who has made them happy. It’s not the gift that you send to them that matters but the time you take to be with them. The love of a parent to her/his child can only be appreciated. Take time and show your mum and dad what they mean to you. You do not have to wait until it’s too late.

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