I am Glad I Found You – Short Found Love Poems

I am Glad I Found You Poem

I am glad I found you
I have been looking into my life
My past and my present
A lot has changed for the best

The thought of you, your touch and smile
Your kindness and love
Blows my mind away
When around you, I feel better
I am glad I found you

You support me during the low moments
When I am at my best moments
You are always there for me
I am glad I found you

Life has its own challenges
We are not different from any relationship
You have never ran away no matter the situation
I’m glad I found you
I love you my dear

I Found My Missing Rib Poem

I have searched and searched
My life has been lonely
Didn’t know this day will come
I have finally found my missing rib

The moment I saw you
When I looked into your eyes
When you smiled, I knew
I found my missing rib

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You took my loneliness away
You changed my life
I stopped searching
As, I had found my missing rib

My love
You are so perfect for me
You were the missing rib in my life
I am glad I found you

Now that I found you
You are my hope
I will love you till the end of time
I will always be there for you
I Love You

I Found the One I Love Poem

I have climbed mountains
In search for the one I love
I have gone to the furthest east
Finally I found the one I love

I held her tight
Not to let her slip my hands
Her beauty, her voice
Sweeps away my heart

Whenever I am with her
She melts my heart
She brightens my day
She makes my days memorable

She is loving and caring
Always there when I need her most
I am very thankful
I found the one I love

I Found You Poem

I have searched the whole world
For my love
The one who blows my heart away
Finally I found you

The journey of finding you
Was a tiresome one
With ups and downs
Now I am not searching
As I found you
The one I truly love

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I was so lost until the day I met you
I was almost giving up
It was my lowest moments
You brought me back to life

You are the love of my life
The one I want to spent my life with
To enjoy the best moments together
I am glad I found you

Now That We Found Love Poem

Now That We Found Love
Our life will not be the same
Once we were two, now we are one
We will share our happiness

We never understood what love is
Now we do understand

We never knew what is to miss someone you love
Now we know how it feels to miss the one you love

Now That We Found Love
Let’s make every moment memorable
Life is like a changing season
Let’s learn on how to cope in any situation

Love is not just saying the words
It needs sacrifice, one to be there always
Now That We Found Love
Let’s make it strong, built the relationship each day
I love you

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We Found Love Poem

We found love
I can’t deny the way I am feeling
I have to express the way I feel
Hope you feel the same way

We found love in odd place
You brought light into my life
Come close my love
Feel the way I am feeling

You are my world, I am your world
We are always there for each other
Love is such a strong bond
We found love

We have done much together
Gone that extra mile for each other
Climbed mountains and gone to the moon
Oh! How lovely, we found love

Love is an amazing feeling
It pierces the heart
Like a sharp iron
I am glad we found love






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