You Are the Greatest Gift of My Life

Sweetheart, you are the greatest gift of my life
You are God sent
The moment I saw you
I knew you are the one

I long to be with you everyday
I can’t imagine my life without you
You are the one who gives me hope
You are the greatest gift of my life

Your beauty
Your smile
Oh! I can’t resist it
I can’t imagine you are mine

You are my most valuable treasure
When I have you
I feel like the world is all mine
I love you my sweetheart

You have touched my heart so deeply
I will always cherish you
Be there for you
You are the greatest gift of my life

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You Are My Greatest Investment Poem

You are my greatest investment
From the time I met you
My strength and energy
Were drawn towards you

No investment can be compared to you
We might build castles
Travel to the moon
But without love all things are meaningless

I would spend all my time with you
Be close to you always
Do anything for you
As, you are my greatest investment

My thoughts are all about you
My investment is all about you
Building a future around you
Is what I want

I love you more than anything
With you everything is possible
The returns are countless
You are my greatest investment

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You Are a Precious Gift Poem

Sometimes I feel like giving up
Things become too hard
But you are always there for me
You are a precious gift

Your words, your memories
Always brightens my life
You give me hope to push harder
You are a precious gift

With the love you have shown me
The guidance and strength you give me
I want to be the best for you
I will always be there for you

You are a precious gift I have ever received
You are as beautiful as a rose
You are as sweet as honey
I want to be yours forever

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You are brighter than any star in the sky
You make me want you more
Every time you smile, you blow my mind
You are a precious gift
I will cherish throughout my life





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