I Love you Poems for Him or Her

I Love you Poems: Show your love with a love poem! These simple love poems will touch her or his heart. These poems give you the right words to show him or her how much you love them.

This is the perfect moment to send Him or her a love poem.

I Love you Poems for Him or Her

Find i love you poems for him or her below.

Because I love you Poem

Because I love you
I can climb mountains
Travel for miles

Cross boarders
Just to be close to you

I can accompany you
Everywhere you want
I can be your bodyguard
To ensure you are safe

Because I love you
I want to be as close as possible
To understand and know you

Never to lose you
You are the love of my life.

How I love you Poem

How I love you
The time has come
Take my heart and run away
Let me be by your side for ever

How I love you
I cannot sleep without your thoughts
You are part of me
I cannot live without you

Your feeling is like the sun
Breaking through clouds
Shinning across all the areas
Where everyone can see it
That’s how I love you

Like the morning sunrise
Penetrating and bright
Honest and true from the heart
Thats how I love you

Every day I look at you
I feel love and inspiration.

I don’t even want to think
Life without you
Thats how I love you

How Much I Love You Poem

Nothing can compare How Much I Love You
You are a darling to my heart

I can do anything for you
Words cannot explain how much I love you

If you count all the roses in the world
All the stars in the sky
All the trees that have ever grown

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All the sands in the oceans
Then you will know,
How much I love you.

How Much I Love You My dear Poem

Can’t express how much I love you
My life is centered on you
You are my life, the air I breathe.
You are my soul, my joy
You are all that I need

You are the stars in the sky
You are my light and my darkness
You are my ups and my downs
The reason I go the extra mile

You are my strength and my weakness
You are the love of my life
The one I have always dreamed of
I will cherish and love you always

I yearn deeply for you
To be close to you
You are the one my heart longs for
Everything I do I think about you.
That’s how much I love you

I Love You Above All Poem

I love you above all things
I promise to treasure you
All the days of my life
Our love is a precious gift

Every day and every time I think of you
You are always in my dream
I have grown fond of you
Our first meeting has always been with me

I always crave to feel your touch
You are the one who blows me away
Our love is true
I love you above all things

I look forward to raising our family together
Guiding them every step in their life
Teaching them the correct ways of life
Can’t stop thinking how it will be

I Love You My Love Poem

I love you my love
I Love your curves and all your edges
Every moment I adore you
My soul craves for you

You are the fire that burns
The passion within my soul
Words cannot tell
How much I love you

You’re my end and my beginning
Every moment I am excited to be yours
The passion for you increases everyday
I love you so much; my sweetheart

Since I found you
My life has been better
I love you so much
I don’t want to lose you

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I Love You So Much Poem

I love you so much
Waking up beside you
Is a dream come true
My heart is yours to keep

I am attracted to your beauty
More so the inner beauty
You are heaven sent
I love you so much

With you, I am comfortable
Whenever I am with you
My heart skips a beat
I will always love

I can’t promise you
What I cannot offer
But I promise to love you forever and ever.
I love you so much

I Really Love You Poem

My dear, I really love you
Since I met you
You have changed my life
Life is worth living for

You make me feel happy and loved
You have stolen my heart
You have a place in my heart
I really love you

You are the one I adore
Every day you bring sunshine to my life
I want to spend my time with you
Let no one separate us

Let me tell you how I feel
I don’t know if I will really finish
You are the only one who makes my heart beat faster
I really love you

The closer you get to me
The more I love you
I will never lose hope of loving you
I really love you

My feelings for you
Are true and pure
I will always love you
I really love you

Can’t Deny Your Love Poem

I can’t deny your love
I can never get enough of it
Every day you shower me with your love
Your action tells it all

I can see your love
Your eyes tells it all
Your love is unquestionable
It’s all I want

You are a doctor to my heart
You are more than a feeling
A healing to my heart
I can’t deny your love

All I dream is about you
You are the best gift
I have ever received
I love you.

Do You Love Me Poem

Do You Love Me is a poem asking if someone loves you, after misunderstanding between you.

Darling, do you love me
What is this I am hearing?
Please tell me,
Do you love me

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Is it the reason you have changed
Coming late and don’t want to go out
You don’t want me around you
Tell me, do you love me

Darling, tell me the truth
Where did I go wrong?
Is it me?
Please, don’t break my heart

Tell me the truth
Don’t lie to me
I really need us to be together
Do you love me?

Oh darling, do you love me?
I really need to know
You are my heart beat
I can’t imagine you leaving.

Let me make things right
Let’s start over
Be where we were
Just tell me,
Do you love me?

I Could Never Love another like You Poem

I could never love another like you
You are the love of my life
You make my heart beat faster
You are the one I love.

Our love is strong
How beautiful you are
You are caring and loving
You make me long for your love everyday

You are the one for me
I feel lucky I found you
I am ready for our future together
You are the most beautiful thing I keep inside my heart.
I could never love another like you

I love you so much my dear
Words cannot express
You are my world
I will never stop falling in love with you.



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