Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter – Messages & Quotes

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter is an article that looks at some of the best messages you can send to your daughter when she is celebrating her big day. Parents who have daughters know how important it is to have the little princesses in their life.

Having a daughter is like a having a precious flower that is so beautiful but so fragile. Girls love lovely things that is why during their birthdays you should not forget to send them lovely gifts and messages.

Below we have looked at happy birthday wishes you can send to your daughter, hope you will find one that will help you celebrate with her

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

1. Happy birthday to you my girl, you are the best gift that ever came to us. You light up our world with your smile and beauty. Wish you a wonderful birthday

2. You are like a jewel in our life, a precious daughter you are in our eyes. Today you we are happy to see you celebrate another year. Happy birthday to you

3. Like a little angel you bring joy to us, since you came into our life, our house is warmer. Wish you a lovely happy birthday to you my daughter

4. My love, every day you grow to become a beautiful girl. Everywhere you go you make others happy and as you welcome another year in your life may you find happiness, Happy birthday to you my daughter

5. Every time I look at you I see a happy girl, one whose soul is pure and innocent. I wish you a happy birthday and may the light of God guide you in to the right paths in life. Cheers to many more birthdays

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6. Happy birthday to you my girl, you are the only person in my life whom I look at and my hearts is filled with another reason to work hard in life. I want you to have the best life, one complete with love and all necessary things you will ever need. Love you

7. You give me the unconditional love, in your eyes I am the best. You are a wonderful girl and you always give me a reason to see life in a different perspective. I love you and wish you a happy birthday, may you live to blow 1001 candles.

8. Happy birthday to you my beauty, today you turn 10 years. It is a wonderful day for us, for one decade we have seen you grow into a cute girl. We celebrate every moment and happy birthday to you.

Birthday wishes to my daughter

I wish you a happy birthday
May you celebrate this one and many more to come
Always be assured that you have parents who love you
Best wishes to you

One day has turned be to one year
For 365 days we have seen the best in you
It was not always smooth
But you have become our little angel
May God give you many more years
Happy birthday to you

My daughter may the best wishes come your way
Mum and dad are happy to have you
Our support will always be with you
Happy birthday to you

Times passes so fast
Just the other day
We welcomed you into our world
Today, you are getting into teenage life
Our life could not be any better than this
We love you and happy birthday to you

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We celebrate with you, on this 18 birthday
Every moment in your life has been filled with joy
We know the future is so bright
Wish you the best
Happy birthday to you

Happy Birthday Messages for Daughter

1. Looking at my life I don’t know why God gave me a lovely daughter like you. You are so beautiful, caring and obedient. I want you to know that you have inspired me to become a better parent. Today I celebrate with you on your birthday, all the best my princess

2. Happy birthday to you, no matter your age, you will always be our precious daughter. May you dreams come true and may you find the things that make you happy

3. Happy birthday to you my angel, we are grateful to have a daughter in our house. A cute girl who shows her concern and love. Wish you many more birthdays.

Happy Birthday Daughter

1. Happy birthday daughter, our love for you is immeasurable, you make our world brighter. Hope you will enjoy this day

2. God uses many things to bless us, to us He gave you and every day we look at you we are reminded that we are blessed. Happy birthday daughter

3. In my life, no gift from God is greater than you. That is why I always commit to be there when you need me. Today I know we will have good time, happy birthday daughter

It’s neither the number of dolls around us
Nor the number of flowers in the house
That remind us we have a precious daughter
But the love we feel every time we see and think about you
Happy birthday daughter
God bless you this day

You have a great heart
One that knows no limit to what it can do for others
You bring laughter to every place you go
As we celebrate your birthday
May God give you good health
And many more years to touch the lives of others
Happy birthday daughter

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There is little precious girl in my life,
Her eyes shine like the sun
Her heart is pure and loving
That girl is my one only daughter
Happy birthday to you daughter

Like a cherished diamond,
Your value and importance in our life always remains
The sparkle in your smile brighten our life
Today we rejoice together
Another year added to you is a good thing
Happy birthday daughter

Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes

1. Nothing Brings Joy To A Dad Heart Than To See His Girl Grow Up In Honour, To Become An Lovely Lady.

2. Every Mother’s Treasure Is The Gift Of A Daughter, To Watch Her Grow And Walk With Her In The Journey Of Adulthood. Happy Birthday

3. To Every Father Nothing Brings In More Fear Than Seeing The Tears In His Daughter. Enjoy You Birthday And Remember That Dad Loves You, Happy Birthday

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