You Are My Happiness Quotes, Messages & Poems

You Are My Happiness Quotes: The sweetest way to express your feelings to your love is through, love messages, quotes, and poems. It is even more wonderful when you find someone who makes you happy. It can be your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or best friend.

It does not matter the time of the day, express your feelings to him or her with you are my happiness quotes, and messages.

You Are My Happiness Quotes

Let me whisper to your ears, let me hold you, let me love you till my last breath, you are my happiness.

I can’t hide my feelings any longer; I want you to be yours and yours only. I give you all my heart. You are my happiness.

Babe, you make my heart beat faster, every day I want to follow your heart, I want to love you till the end of time. You are my happiness.

There is nothing more valuable than you; you are the reason for my happiness. You are my happiness.

You are the reason why my world is at peace. You are my happiness.

You Are My Happiness Quotes

I need more time to discover you, to know you better for you are my happiness.

The only thing that matters in my life is your love and happiness. You are my happiness babe.

No matter what people say, I will love you until my last breath. You are my everything and the reason for my happiness.

You are the source of my happiness, my world, and my heartbeat. I love you.

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Even if I search in the dictionary of love, I can’t find the right words. You mean so much to me, you are my happiness.

You inspire me so much, you really mean a lot to me. My happiness is you and I love you so much. How you will have a wonderful day.

My life and my soul belong to you, sweetheart. I love you so much and I want to thank you for everything for your happiness is my happiness.

Your goals are my goals, your happiness is my happiness and that’s why I will always be happy with what you are doing.

There is nothing else in this world that brings me joy other than you. Being with you is my happiness.

I hope you are fine and not be sad! I can always feel you. You are the source of my happiness. I promise to give you happiness just the way you give me. You are so precious and a very important person in my life. I love you.

My angel, you are the light of my life on the darkest days of my life. You are the reason why I smile, you are my happiness. I will always support you no matter what because my happiness is in you.

Darling, you are a treasure to my life; I will always give you happiness as you give me. I love you.

You are the most precious person in my life, loving and supporting you is all I want to do for the rest of my life. You are worth more than gold. You are my happiness.

What I always dream of is to be with you until the end of time for you are my happiness.

You are the most important person in my life baby; I will never stop smiling when I have you in my life. You are my happiness and my world.

When you love someone unconditionally you can always feel their love for you. You have been the most beautiful person in my life. Every second I feel happy having you, my happiness is you.

Your happiness is my happiness, my love.

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You Are My Happiness Messages

You are the reason why I feel this way, my love. You are my happiness.

Darling, words cannot explain how I feel; you are my heartbeat, my beauty, my love, and my happiness. I love you.

Even if I have told you countless times, I will never stop telling you. I dearly love you and you are my happiness.

Just being with you without saying a word means a lot to me, for you’re my happiness.

I am in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. You are the reason for my happiness and I love you so much.

You make my day bright, your beautiful smile and eyes tell it all. You are my happiness.

You are so amazing, I don’t know if it’s a charm. I have never felt this happy all my life. You are my happiness, my love.

You are the joy of my life love. You’re my happiness.

If there is one thing that makes me happy is that I found my happiness in you.

Sweetheart, all I want is your happiness. You are the happiness of my life.

My love, you are my source of happiness.

Your happiness is my priority for you are my happiness.

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You Are My Happiness Love Quotes

You are my best friend and my true love. My one and only angel, you are the reason for my happiness.

You are my shining star; you will my life with happiness and joy. You are my happiness, my love

I just want to let you know, you are the one who fills my heart with happiness. Life with you is so beautiful. You are my happiness, love you so much.

You are my source of happiness; I will always love and treasure you.

You are my angel who guides me through the deepest tunnels of life. When I am faced with challenges, you always hold and guide me. For sure you are the source of my happiness. I love you.

I will never stop fighting for our love. For you are the reason for my strength and happiness.

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You Are My Happiness Poem

You are my happiness
You are the reason for my smile.
You are my love
You are my best friend.

You are my strength
You are my thoughts
You are my joy
I will give everything to make you happy

You are my sole purpose in life
You make me happy,
I love how we are so compatible
How we can love each other unconditionally

You are my happiness
Because I am in love
With the most beautiful girl in the world

You make my day shine
When I think of your smile
When I think of your laugh
You make my day happy
I love you, Sweetheart

You Are My Happiness Meaning

You are my happiness is an expression of love and affection that means the person who is being addressed to is the one who brings joy and happiness into your life.


You Are My Happiness” is a powerful expression that shows what impact the other person has in your life. It goes beyond words, it symbolizes the deep emotional connection and happiness that the person brings into your life. Let the other person know how much joy, happiness, and fulfillment they bring into your life through, you are my happiness quotes and messages.

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