You Light Up My Life

I waited for so long
For someone to light up my dreams
You came along and
You light up my life

From the moment I saw you
My life changed
I knew good things were on my way
My thoughts were about you

You give me hope
You give me the strength I need
You light up my days
You light up my life

My dear, you are the sun
You are the stars
You are the moon, up in the sky
You light up my life

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You are the air
You are the happiness I live for
Your beauty and smile lights up my life
You light up my life sweetheart

Never will I let you down
I will be there for you
I will fight for you
As you light up my life

You Bring Meaning to My Life Poem

My Dear! You bring meaning to my life
From the time I met you
I knew our love was unique
The kind of love that lasts until the end of time

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I fell in love
You stole my heart
I yearn for your love everyday
I need your love tonight

Whatever I do, I do it for you
Wherever I go, you will always be there with me
You are always in my heart
You bring meaning to my life

You are the meaning in my life
You have changed my life
My feelings were gone
Now I can love again

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You are the inspiration in my life
I want to spend my life with you
Be there for you
You bring meaning to my life



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